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my questions are about me hearing and seeing theses spirts telling me to do something for them and there telling me to talk to there family members and ive heard them telling me that they are trapped in my room in these nursing home and ive been seeing and hearing my daughter saying things about her wanting her dad to know that she has some questions for him so what do i have a special gift or what and what do i do for these things that are happening to me and should i talk to her father or what do i do for her and these other spirts coming to me before i go to sleep so what do i do about it please get back with me asap please and thank u

Hi Cassandra,

I believe you do have some good psychic skills. However, you are not ready to deal with some of the requests you believe you are picking up from lost souls or what appears to be family members ands spirits asking you to contact their loved ones with messages.

I am being told that at this time your gifts are to be used to simply cross lost souls into the Light and free them. That's it.

There are a couple of ways to do this, but both ways have to be done with Divine assistance. Since you can hear souls speaking to you, you are able to hear the instructions of your guides, angels, Jesus or God. Turn your ability towards contacting them before you try to help lost souls cross to the the Heavenly realm. It is God who decides when reticent souls are ready to come over. Crossing is a matter of individual free will for trapped spirits.

You will know you are speaking to heavenly allies by their always kind, non-judgmental and loving answers. Anything that says negative thoughts or asks you to do bad things is not Divine. Cut off communication the second you suspect deceitful energies trying to fool you and re-direct your thoughts towards God's protection of your mind, body and spirit before you try again to hear your allies of Light.

If you can connect to your allies, they will teach you how to cross souls, avoid demonic or astral entities, and safely develop your psychic skills. Your angelic guide -one of many you may have during your life- is named Pamela. Ask to speak with her. Her thoughts and all heavenly thoughts will come into your temple area on the right side of your head. Low energy spirits -lost souls, demons, astrals- will come in on the left side of your head. Learn to feel the frequency coming into which side of your head. God or Jesus may come in through the top of your head or behind your head near the spine.

Read the book The Lightworkers Way by Doreen Virtue which should be available as an e-book if necessary.

Don't mess with anything until you contact your angelic guide or other Divine sources first.

Be vigilant about your protection and what energies you allow into your life.

I hope this helps,

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