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QUESTION: Hello! thank you so much for this! I hope you can help me in understanding bit more my situation here. I am going trough a very spiritual phase, I believe. Last night I had a dream; i was receiving a phone call, I took the phone and saw my boss name on the screen, I felt overwhelmed thinking he wanted to ask me to do more stuff (he is very demanding and inpatient), so I was undecided about picking up, eventually I did and instead it was my spirit guide talking to me. It was a male and he introduced himself as my spirit guide, I think he was not alone, because he was talking in plural. I know he told me something in the dream, probably commented some situations or gave advices, but I don't know because I don't remember what he told me. I was wondering if this was just a dream? Or my spirit guide was trying to reach me out for real? and if so, I d love to know what he wanted to say, and who is he. I feel bit confused, hope you can help me! thank you so much! Take care, Silvia

ANSWER: Dear Silvia,
     How are you? I am very happy to help you with this matter. First let me explane a little bit about spirit guidance. There are few types of spirit guidance. Few common once are 1) Heven and angels, 2) spirits from other worlds, 3) our family spirits, 4) spirits from earth, 5) evil and other negative energy.
     Now, as a normal person we need guidance only from heaven and angels. Other once are needed only if we are studying for spirit works, such as magic, healing, protection etc.. and definitely nothing from evil and negative energy. We can receive guidance from spirits only through meditation unless we have knowledge in magic. Guidance from heaven and angels comes with out doing anything, it communicate to our spirits in a spiritual way. That's how we understand right and wrong.
     None of the spirits can use electronic devise to communicate. Spirits can use only the powers from the earth either to communicate, protect or to attack. Now, in your case you had phone calls and you picked up the phone and talked. Now the question is did you find the call on the phone caller id when you woke up. If yes then it is definitely someone tryingto trick you. If no then it was just a dream. Some time we feel the dream so real and it all depends on your sleep.
    One more thing I like to tell you is about the science of dream. The science of dream explains all dreams by using science of numbers. It is possible that some one wants to give you message, or something new is coming to your life. I can calculate that only if I have the date of birth and time of birth, the date and around time of your dream. Remember, the science of dream is a prediction not always accurate.
     If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. Don't forget to pray to God everyday.
God bless you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks a lot for your answer and clear explanation!
In regards to the phone call, that was just a dream.
There was no id on my phone and I actually recalled
The dream only in the middle of the afternoon.
I d love to know if someone is sending me a message, I was born on
April 2nd 79 around 9am ( europe i.e. +6 hrs EST time) and  the dream was on jan 20 th btw 2.30 am
And 8 am approximately ( EST time)  Wish you a great day, S.

Dear Silvia,
     How are you. I looked at the dream information and there is nothing much to worry.  According to the science of spirits you are on the fourth cycle of life. So it is very normal to have lot of emotions stress, and abormal dreams. But But you are protected. So take things easy. Now the dream indicates that something is going away from you or loosing. At the same time it can also indicates something is permanently coming to your life. Let me know if you see a dream on February first.  Now remember this is just a prediction, it can be absolutely wrong. Sometime we see dreams for balancing our mind. I will give you some more details later on about dreams. I have some personnel information about your 2013 and if you like you can send me your email address.
       Please feel free to contact me at anytime. My e mail
God bless you,
Mathew, S  

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