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QUESTION: Hello Christine, thank you so much for this!
I hope you can help me in understanding bit more my situation here. I am going trough a very spiritual phase, I believe it is getting stronger and stronger. I am writing because I d love to know if my spirit guide trying to contact me in my dreams?
Just last night I had this dream; i was receiving a phone call, I took the phone and saw my boss name on the screen, I felt overwhelmed thinking he wanted to ask me to do more stuff (he is very demanding and inpatient), so I was undecided about picking up, eventually I did and instead it was my spirit guide talking to me. It was a male and he introduced himself as my spirit guide, I think he was not alone, because he was talking in plural. I know he told me something in the dream, probably commented some situations or gave advices, but I don't know because I don't remember what he told me. I was wondering if this was just a dream? Or my spirit guide was trying to reach me out for real? and if so, I d love to know what he wanted to say, and who is he. I feel bit confused, hope you can help me! thank you so much! Take care, Silvia

ANSWER: Hi Silvia,

Thank you for writing.

This was not your spirit guide, but a lost soul able to project into your dream state. Beware of false energies trying to deceive or manipulate you at all times. Be diligent to reach your Divine allies and God but be vigilant as well.

Your spirit guide is named David.It's important that you control the openness of your psychic gifts - repressed or active - and direct your intent towards talking , dreaming or speaking to your guide through mental states you can control and break off of quickly if you sense something is wrong.

You should always start to communicate with your guide while fully conscious and in a relaxed state, eyes closed, and a clear mind. This isn't an "empty mind" level of consciousness as suggested by some or during deeper brain states such as astral travel,hypnosis or meditation.

When you seek the Divine through uncontrollable brain frequency levels you are open and vulnerable just as you can be in a dream state. Even during guided meditative visualizations you are in a deeper mental state than you should be. You may semi-control the visualization but cannot control what sneaks into the visualization. There is a back door into your mind that you can't really sense or feel because you're intent on seeing rather than discerning as you would be in a relaxed conscious state.

Pray to reach and hear your higher guidance through pathways of Light not through independent esoteric techniques until you know how to tell the difference between good and bad spiritual elements.

If it was really a message from God's realm, you would hear it. Can you imagine that God couldn't make you hear him and your angelic protectors or make you remember it? Also, first contacts with the heavenly realm comes in a few succinct words, a picture, or instant knowing of a fact or illumination though you could not know it by yourself.

Please read these books which may help you in your quest for connecting to the right Light source:

Trust Your Vibes - Sonia Choquette
Ask Your Guides - Sonia Choquette
The Lightworker's Way - Doreen Virtue
Divine Guidance - Doreen Virtue

Be careful and patient with yourself.



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QUESTION: Hello Christine,
Thank you so much for your answer. Does everybody have psychic gifts?
Yesterday I tried to reach my spirit guide, I was just wondering of his name, and then "David' came into my mind, like instant knowing,  but I didn't know whether it was just imagination, also bcs David is a name I always liked since my childhood and always been my favorite male name.
Are you able to sense my spirit guide?  I almost fell down while reading that you said that his name is David, and  recalling my experience of yesterday afternoon..
Hope to hear from you, thanks a lot, take care, Silvia


We all have psychic gifts we can develop, enhance or repress. It's our personal choice. The trick is learning to discern the nature of the invisible energies or spiritual beings that can approach you. Some are benign. Some are dangerous. That's why any attempt to find what your gifts may be requires safe exploration through Divine assistance. God gave us many spiritual powers - all intended to be used with love towards each other and in service to Him for His will.

Always look for your path of discernment via allegiance to God and Jesus. Prayer and faith give your Divine protection if you seek beyond the visible for knowledge.

Study about your possible abilities safely after finding your contact through heavenly powers. Don't experiment with the unknown until you know what is good energy via both your disciplined physical and intuitive senses. Divine help will come to you and instruct you personally how to proceed. People develop at different rates and stages. Have Divine backup and know when you're safe or not safe. Practice, practice, practice.


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