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QUESTION: In the past I've had different male spirits standing in my bedroom doorway. They don't try to communicate with me, they just stand there. They seem to follow me where ever I move. Can you please help me figure why they just stand there. At one point I was referring them as my guardians.

ANSWER: Hello Ki Ki,

To answer this I will require some additional information.
1- How long have you been seeing these men?
2- Do they appear solid? Transparent? Glow?
3- In any given year how often would you say that you see them?
4- How many different homes have you seen them in?
5- What is your current age and at what age did you first notice them?
6- As there any other sensations associated withthem? Sounds? Feelings?
7- Are you on any type of medication? How long?
8- Have you ever tried contacting the "spirit realm" in the past? How?

Any information that you can supply would help. Thanks!

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1. I have been seeing these spirits since my mid 20's. I've spoke with my great grandfather. In my early teens. We actually had a conversation. Which is weird because he was a man of few words. But he kept asking questions.
2. They appear solid.
3. Maybe once or twice a year I see them.
4. I've seen them in 3 different homes I have lived in.
5. I'm 46. I first started seeing spirits in my early teens.
6. No sensations, feelings or sounds except when I spoke with my great grandfather, I heard bells ringing. Then he appeared sitting on my bed.
7. No meds.
8. I have NOT tried contacting the "spirit realm" ever


  Many people will tell you that everyone has the ability to sense the spirit realm in some degree or another. What they want you to believe is that this is a talent that can be expanded with practice. I tend to agree that we may all possess the ability, but I do not believe that everyone can develop it. Psychic ability is like any talent. Some people are tone deaf and will barely ably to carry a tune, I teach ballroom dancing for a living and believe me there are those who despite years of lessons will never be accomplished at the art, some surprise me that they have enough coordination to make it up the stairs. There are things that I will never be apt at. And that's okay... that's life. Life isn't the realm where everyone is perfect. You seem to have an ability to occasionally catch a glimpse into the ghost and spirit realms. It is a raw, undeveloped talent in your case, and one that I will assume that you were born with. It may run in your family. Your great grandfather obviously had "mediumistic" skills while he was of the flesh as he was very strong at communicating with you after his earthly life.

  I am not at all psychic, though I have my moments, so I can not state with certainty as to the identities of the people that you see, so I'll profile them.  They seem harmless enough and may actually be spirit guides / guardians looking out for you. We all have guides and guardians from the realm of the pure white light. They are our caretakers. I am basing that on the presumption that they have done you no harm and that you are not scared or upset about their appearances. They are just letting you know that they are there. They are obviously attached to you and not to any particular place. That makes their existence personal. They do you no harm and that makes their existence benevolent. They do not seem to be harbingers of bad luck or bad news. The only other answer would be that you have a strong psychic sense and are seeing apparitions of the living, as the majority of apparitions seen are actually still alive when they are seen! Apparitions of the dead are rare. In your case however, I believe that these are beings from the spirit, and not the ghost, realm.

  I believe that we have all seen a ghost or spirit at some time in our lives. Maybe not as an individual entity floating down a staircase, but rather as another face in the crowd. You have an inborn ability. If you are comfortable with your life the way it is, I see no reason to develop the skill. It can complicate matters. Besides, live life on the earth plane while you are here, that's why we are here. You have an eternity after your time here is done to enjoy the spirit realm - and eternity is a very very long time! Take comfort in the fact that you are being watched over.

If I can be of assistance in any way, let me know - I'm here to help.

Take care,

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QUESTION: Thank you so much. This has been on my mind for a very long time. I appreciate your time and your advice.
Thank you again. I now can tell my family I'm not losing my mind (lol). This means so much to me. Since I like my life as it is, so far I don't really will think twice about developing my skill as you put it. Although it would be interesting. If I decided to do that I will be sure to contact you first. Mainly because all of the spirits I have are not good, the dark figured ones that I have seen last year. But that's another email in itself. Thank you again.


Ki Ki

Hi Ki Ki,

  Thank you for the kind words. I just want to let you know that I appreciate them. I also want to touch on the "dark" figures that you mention. Please realize that there are beings in the realm of the dead who were evil while alive. We have a saying in this field, "As in life, so in death." What that means is that we take our mind set over to the other side with us. We only develop and advance if we go into the light - many don't. That being said, the majority of the living are fairly decent people - meaning that the majority of the deceased are fairly decent people. There are of course those who make the news because of their malicious actions on earth. Those are the ones that movies and television pick up on in their "ghost" horror stories. But that is for the most part the exception, not the rule.  We also tend to think of "dark" as evil. That stereotype comes from terms such as "black magic", the "black arts", "black mass" etc. In reality those who appear darker than others may have several reasons as to why. They may not have the energy to appear with any type of brilliance. They may be old. They may have died in a drunken or drugged stage. They may be the soul of someone who was mentally handicapped while alive. I went to the mall the other day and sat and watched all of the people around me. They are the future dead. Some will become ghosts. Of the hundreds that I saw wandering the shops maybe only one or two were "evil".

  However, There are those who are  and to that I will give you the following incantation that you can perform whenever you feel threatened.  You can change the wording as you feel fit.

"Before me, Raphael.
Behind me, Gabriel.
On my right hand, Michael.
On my left hand Uriel.
I ask for your protection over me and my family.
A ask that my guardian spirits, my guardian angels, my spirit guides and my gatekeepers keep me safe from any negative, malicious, malevolent or evil energies, entities or beings and I ask that you surround me, my family and my home with the white light of protective energy and love - now and for all time. I ask this in the name of all that is pure and holy; and as I ask, so must it be."

  Your beings of the light are there for your best interest. But they also do not interfere with your life or decisions unless it is "in the cards" so to speak. They allow freedom of action, thought and will. That is why calling to them and asking for their attention is important.

Ciao for now,

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