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Paranormal Phenomena/unusual occurences in my home...suddenly


QUESTION: I need help deciding if I have a serious problem in my home and what to do to safely rid my home of this. I'm 61 and live "alone" (my husband of 35 yrs is here only on week-ends and during the daytime as he is a care-taker of his 91 yr old Mother with Alzheimers and we hire someone to stay with her on week-ends and during the day.)I moved into a small farm house on 20 acres, in the woods about 2 years ago as we lived out of state and had been separated for two years, this house being about 15 minutes from his Mother's. I stayed here alone from the first night I moved and have always felt comfortable. FYI I also am a volunteer foster for a dog rescue and usually have 6 to 9 small cairn terriers here with me as I've had Cairns for 20 years. About 6 months ago, I had something tap on my bedroom window which is where the head of my bed is #within inches#. A dog laying next to me also heard it and looked at the window when it happened, then at me. It tapped 3 times, twice within 15 minutes and scared me to death. I was too afraid to open my blinds to look out, rather went and got my 38 revolver to place next to me, suspecting someone might be outside the house. The next day I went outside looking for footprints or grass that had been walked on...anything that indicated a person had been there, but saw nothing. This has never happened since but I have not been able to explain it yet. Then one night while sleeping, I awoke to something holding my left ankle down firmly and assumed it was one of the dogs laying their head on me. I couldn't move my leg so I sat up to see who it was, and there wasn't a dog in sight #VERY unusual as usually 3 sleep with me each night#. I was confused and uncomfortable, but eventually went back to sleep. A month later, my Mother died and I flew our daughter to NC from Minnesota with her 10 month old daughter, for the funeral. She stayed a week after and the night before she left, she refused to sleep in my bedroom #which I had given to her and my granddaughter#. She said the night before she was awakened by something holding her ankle down firmly and had seen the "body pillow" actually show movement as if something were walking on it just prior to feeling her ankle held. She thought one of the dogs had gotten into the room, yet found nothing there and her small daughter sleeping quietly, so she finally went back to sleep. I didn't make the association of the two events until she told me this and it scared me terribly. I have only slept in my bed once since December as now all I do is lie there and ....wait for something to occur. I move about the room all day and still act as though I'm in charge here, but I'm worried, concerned, and want to take back my bedroom. Has someone cast a spell on me? Could this have been the spirit of one of my beloved dogs which I would love so much to see? Should I explore research of the home history? It's about 50-60 yrs. old and very small #2 bdrm# but bright and adequate for me and my dogs. I'm afraid to "cleanse" the house as I don't know what I'm doing and hesitate for fear of making things worse. Please help me find peace again. My husband is a "non-believer" and I do sleep with him in this room on week-ends and have had no occurrences. Can you please direct me, help me or tell me who to go to? This is a "back-woods" area with uneducated people and I'm totally lost here. Perhaps I'm slow at figuring out something is wrong, but always managed to just "blow off" the first 2 events other than mentioning them to my husband. I have no place to go other than back to Virginia and I'm feeling very trapped. Thanks for listening and please help me. FYI just prior to my Mother's death, I had a serious issue with a cousin who eventually caused her death and he's very educated and has travelled the world...also very strange. He goes to Vietnam, China, Australia....he has the ability to have learned many things and it occurred he was "wreaking vengeance" on me now. I'm just so confused, frightened and have no idea where to go with this. Anything you can do to help me would be MUCH appreciated.


I am so sorry to hear you are going through this! :( Bless your heart. I know what it's like though as my mom who is a bit your senior experienced things in our own home and she had more experiences than me. So I can definitely relate. Want you to know you are not alone even though you might not have people with you physically. :)

As for this uptick in activity, I personally believe anything that frightens you needs to be addressed. For the fact that not dealing with it you aren't any LESS scared.

You got a couple things going on, but, I'd caution you not to give too much to it as they can play on your imagination and a lot of times it's a lot less bad than we imagine things. Now. What are you dealing with. I can't get past the correlation with recent death in the family. I can tell you that it seems when someone near to a person is nearing their crossing, there tends to be an uptick in activity as if to give warning that something is getting ready to happen. I don't think these things are particularly GOOD, but I don't particularly believe that it's a real threat if you know what I mean. But again, anything that is causing YOU anxiety, that needs to be addressed for the sake of your physical and mental health as well as spiritual.

Anytime there is physical contact it is concerning I will say that. But I will also say that it seems to be repetitive. In other words you are not experiencing different points of contact physically. It's always the ankle. You might take the initiative and get your health checked out and make sure there is no problem with vessels or veins in your ankle. Sometimes these are health warnings. At the very worst it couldn't hurt.

You are doing right by acting large and in charge. :) Steel yourself. "Dig in and get determined that whatever it is is NOT in charge and you will NOT be living in fear!" (Exclamation point to point out that this should be in your thought when you think it. If that makes any sense. lol) Study up on Psalm 91 if you get scared. You ARE in charge until you give that authority away. Don't do that. :) Let it know that "This is MY house, it is NOT yours and I will NOT abide any misbehavior from you or you WILL have to depart!"

Let's just go from here. Let's see if this will quell the activity and moreover beyond that, quell your fear. Then if we need to take it up a notch, we'll do that. :) Please keep me updated and remember, FEAR NOT. Christ does not give us a spirit of fear, but of peace and of conquering. :)

God bless!


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QUESTION: Hello Adam, I don't know if you remember me as it was January since we last communicated, but for the first time since my fears began, I slept in my bedroom in my own bed last night. It was easy to procrastinate during the cold months as I found pleasure sleeping in my living room in front of the fireplace. Over time, it has begun taking a toll on my back and I simply want to sleep in my room again and live here in peace as I did the first 2 years after moving here. If you remember, I had tapping on my bedroom window (3 taps) twice within just minutes of each other. Within a month I lost my favorite Aunt, then ten days later my daughter being touched in bed just as I was while here for her funeral. I was very frightened for a while but over all this time, I  feel that being held down (although scary) just doesn't seem to have come from something evil or it would have found another time/place to present itself to me. I go into the room at night without cutting on the lights and just don't seem to fear being there now. I checked on the history of the house and it doesn't seem that anyone has ever actually died in the house at least over the past 30 years. I am now feeling that perhaps this was my Mom who touched my daughter and myself and of course I have no fears of her (although I don't know if my daughter will EVER want to sleep here again and this makes me very sad). I would like to know if you also feel this is a possibility. My question is would you think she might continue to try and make contact this way? My experience took place shortly before her death while my daughter's experience took place immediately after her death. If I know it is my Mom, as uncomfortable as it makes me, I can live with this without too much fear, but would really prefer it never happen again. Is it normal for something like this to happen and would there be a reason for these actions? If nothing more, I'm giving you a "heads up" because I am determined to take back my bed and if it happens again....well I'll be writing you in a terrible panic and will truly need immediate help. I've never had experiences like this before other than some strong feelings that proved accurate later and a few "deja vu" moments while growing up. I'm hoping you can support my thoughts as I seem more comfortable about being in this house if I at least have some idea of who/what is in my home. I have no place else to go, my husband still thinks my daughter and I are crazy, and I simply can't continue sleeping on my sofa every night. I say my prayers every night before going to sleep and hope I'm not setting myself up for another terrifying night. Please give me your thoughts and pray for me.

Hi Ann! Nice to hear from you! I think you are going to be ok. :) There is a possibility that that was your mom. But it's important that you not try to make contact with those that are passed on. Just say to yourself that she's paying you a visit to say she's looking after you and be in peace.

Don't be sad about your daughter. These things happen. And she may warm back up to it. :)

I understand you wanting to get back to your bed! I had a bout with bed bugs recently and I had to give up mine for a while. You get to missing it after a while. :) I think your right about if it was something bad that it would bother you wherever your went. So that should give you some good peace of mind.

You're doing the right thing by saying your prayers at night. Read your Bible a little bit maybe. Leave it open to your favorite comforting verse. If you have anointing oil, shoot, use that too! Just anoint yourself on the forehead with the mark of the cross three times. Say as you mark one cross for each name: "I anoint myself in the name of the Father, (mark the cross) and of the Son (make the cross again) and the Holy Spirit (mark 3rd cross).

You can also ask God in accordance with Psalm 91:11 to dispatch angels for your keep. By the authority of that scripture say "I set an angel at the foot of my bed. I set an angel at the head of my bed and I set an angel on each side of the bed." Make sure you do it on the authority of Christ. :)

And enjoy your night!!!! :)

I've got some resources I believe I can call on if need be. Let me know where in NC you are if you can.

Thanks! God bless! And GOOD REST! :)


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