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Hi Winged Wolf
I have been experiencing visions at night and sometimes during the day. What I see are the spirits of people that have passed on. I don't know why I only see them as water-like images with what looks like dim white lights in clusters somewhere in the middle of these spirits.
When I'm able to meditate in a quiet place, I'm able to communicate with them through images they show me in my minds eye.
I sometimes call my sister on the phone and she's able to tap into their energy and tell me exactly what they're trying to communicate if I'm not able to meditate deeply enough.
But I'm not sure why I'm not able to see their full image as some people are able to see "ghosts" in their full form. Do you know why I can't see them fully?

Natalie, it's just a matter of practice, and of the way your mind chooses to interpret psychic input.  Ghosts aren't shaped like people, so what you're perceiving is probably more accurate - more like what is actually there.  Their 'appearance' is just telepathic projection, so if your telepathic receptivity is a bit lower, then you may not be picking up what they are projecting as well.

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