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Hi there

I hope this isnt a silly question, could babys be born or become possesed?

I had a horrific pregnancy followed by an extremely high maintenance baby. My baby cant sleep unless he has worn himself out from crying..... which he does all day , seems for no apparent reason. We have been to many doctors most of which say its normal as he is still healthy and gaining weight.
I know some babies are like this but I just wonder as I have had some terrifying dreams that he is this creature thing thats not really him - sorry hard to explain.   I also had  few of these dreams whilst pregnant.   I do hope my little boy has his own peacefull soul but should I do some sort of innovation just in case. Could it be possible he is posssed? His bahaviour is very odd and very upsetting.

Hi Maxine,

Where in Victoria do you live?  I'm near Hamilton.  

I was a high maintenance baby who screamed non-stop for the 'first three months' and drove my mother insane .. well, close. :-)  She said that I didn't want to 'be here', and she just knew it. I was a very angry baby, and a very angry child, but eventually I grew to understand the whys and wherefore's of my nature, and why I born feeling the way I did.  That didn't make me bad, it just made me very usual - which is hard and sometimes very painful - emotionally - for everyone around me, not just me.  I am very sensitive to 'world energy' even now.

Nightmares - when we are pregnant, and I've done it twice .. we can have nightmares.  It's caused by the insane hormones in our blood during that experience.  Nightmares can come from our fears, from what we have seen, read or listened to - all these thoughts and images nestle in our subconscious minds and float to the surface like weeds on a pond .. sometimes they come up in a jumbled muddle .. and we call them nightmares.

That being said - there are some things I want to know.  

What was horrific about the pregnancy? How was the birth?  
What were the nightmares about?  What did the entity look like in the dream .. was it the same one all the time?  
Do you watch horror movies?  
How old is your son now?
What is the odd behaviour - because screaming is not that odd.

Has he been baptised?  If he hasn't, even if you aren't religious, arrange to have it done.  You see, its a special blessing and does add to the natural protection that the child has around him.  He doesn't have to then go to church afterwards, and it certainly won't do him any harm.

And then we have the Michael Invocation  

Start by clearing your own energy, get your husband/partner to do his, then say it for your son .. and any other child you have .. then do the house.  The instructions are on the page.  It's not a very long process, and will help clear everyone's energy.  

Then learn these energy shields and use them - because if the boy is a sensitive, it will help him feel better.  

I don't believe a child can be possessed, but I do believe they can be haunted and harassed .. I'm a living example .. my children were protected as they grew up.  My daughter is a sensitive, my son pretends not to be. LOL

Love & Peace

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