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Last week I was getting ready for class in the bathroom with the door open (it leads to a short hallway and then my bedroom). Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone standing in the doorway and when I turned to look they walked past the door way, into my bedroom. My room mates were all out of the room and the door was locked and I didn't hear a sound. I peaked my head into the closet and the bedroom and found no one there (but we are on the 3rd floor and theres no other exit than walking past the bathroom again). Then a couple days later I was in the room alone again and the bathroom door (which was open a crack) suddenly opened two feet and just stopped. There were no windows open or fans on at all and it never does this. My room mates have yet to see anything yet but I was so freaked out both times that one of them believes me but the other one doesn't. Today the one that doesn't believe me was sitting at her desk when my laptop and mug both fell off my desk even though they were on flat surfaces and not near the edge of the desk at all.

I did some research and apparently two years ago a girl committed suicide in the dorm next door. When I googled her the images that showed up were of her in clack robes because she was in the choir. She was blonde and pale and looked similar to the person I saw last week. What do you think is happening? Please help!

Hi Eliza,

How long have you lived in the room?  If its for a long time, and the ghost just turned up, its probably unlikely that it is the girl who committed suicide.  But there are plenty of young woman who have died who have a similar body shape ...

It would be lovely if she would cross into heaven, rather than being stuck here in a confused and unhappy state.  To that end, what you can do is ask your guardian angel to find the ghost and cross her over:

"Archangel Michael, please 'find' the ghost who just opened the bathroom door (or knocked my things from the desk .. or some other way to identify her) and 'take' her into healing".  Whether you believe in angels or not, this request works.  If you want to do something on a more serious basis, the Michael Invocation can be used to clear your room, although I would instruct it to clear the building ..  

The instructions are on the page.  Perhaps both your room mates would do it too.

Ghosts are generally not harmful, just lost confused souls looking for company, and a reminder of who they were when they were alive.  None of us want to be forgotten.  But the best place for a ghost is in heaven .. and those two requests help them get there.

Love & Peace

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