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Hello Greg,
I am just curious; with the amount of television shows with all of these people claiming to have experienced all of what they say, why is there still such a mystery about the whole ghost and haunting thing? You would think that by now that it whole issue would be accepted. Any thoughts on that?
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Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your questions.

  The first thing that I will bring up about television shows that are about the paranormal, particularly about ghosts and haunted locations such as homes and businesses, etc. is that they rely on watchers to keep money coming in. When viewers fall off all those people who are listed on the credits at the end of the program don't get paid. So often the shows are embellished with computer generated effects and eerie music. But that doesn't take away from the fact that most of the people who are on the programs believe that they have experienced actual phenomena. I have watched several of these programs, albeit not as many as fanatics do, and have discovered that a lot of the people who are describing some sort of phenomena are actually describing something that has a rational and logical reason. However many don't.

  Experiences with ghosts and hauntings go back a long time. For example a famous story is that of Gaius Plinius Secundus (Pliny the Elder)who write of a ghost and a haunted house, in the first century BCE, but tales go back thousands of years. Of course the hey day of the ghost phenomena occurred in the middle part of the 19th century, almost to the point of ridiculous, and has resurged, again almost to the point of ridiculous, as of late.

  The problem with the ghost being accepted as fact into mid-stream society is largely due to the fact that evidence is difficult to collect [in the real world], is for the most part subjective and/or circumstantial, and defies being easily reproduced which is one of the main criteria for the "scientific" community to accept it as anything more than flights of fancy. Something has to be empirical [Derived from experiment and observation rather than theory] for the scientist to accept it. [Let me interject here by saying that the scientific world generally accepts that quarks exist although there is no absolute undeniable "proof" such as a photo. By that reasoning, if photos are one way of proving the existence of something, then ghosts and quarks share a common ground]. If ghosts could "perform on demand" the tables would surely be turned. If paranormal phenomena could be repeated by experiment and maintain a high degree of consistency the scientific would would have to at least consider it as fact rather than fancy.

  To quote a Canadian author of many ghost anthologies, John Robert Columbo, "Ghosts and spirits do not belong to the category of belief. They belong to the category of experience."
And that shows yet another problem, experiences, regardless of how real they are are subjective and subjectivity has little use in the scientific community. People more or less witness the "effects" of a ghost or a haunting. [Again I must interject by saying that people do not 'see, hear, smell, taste...' gravity for example. We do however "experience" the "effects" of gravity, yet gravity is pretty much taken for granted.If you don't see it then it doesn't exist is the mantra of many... we do not see dark matter, it is experienced, it exists.]

  I suppose that another MAJOR cause of the lack of believability of ghosts and hauntings is the amount of people who have downright faked "evidence", and their close cousins, the arm chair hobbyist "ghosthunters" who considers anything as "proof". Add to that the fake, quack, or delusional mediums, channelers and psychics [not to be confused with the one in a million who actually possess such gifts] who take advantage of the naive and this field of study is placed in a condition of being suspect and devoid of any real "evidence". Unimaginable harm to those who do honest work in the field of paranormal research and/or parapsychology has been done and the stigma of the immature actions of the fakers, may be irreversible. Medicine, for example would not be where it is today if arm-chair "doctors" were putting "evidence" of fake diseases on YouTube every other day.  

  There may never be any "proof" of the existence of ghosts. In the event that they reside in a different dimension, we are not likely we will ever find the empirical proof that is needed. Our dimensions are set and to explore other dimensions would require tools outside of anything that we could build due to our dimensional confinement, so to speak. To find proof like that would require funding, and I don't imagine that there are a lot of corporations willing to fund "flights of fancy", as knowing that ghosts exist can hardly be financially profited from unless we find a way of getting them into sweat shops to make knock-off products!

  I hope that this has helped shed some light on your questions. If you should have any other questions of concerns do not hesitate to write.

Warm regards,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena  

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