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Hello Greg,

People often hear ghosts or poltergeists crashing around in their houses, and they can hear the entity loudly tossing or moving objects around. Such as dishes in the kitchen sink, or shampoo bottles and soaps in the bathroom. They will make a horrible noisy racket all day and night, as if throwing around chairs and getting into fights, and will even call out the person's name. But when one gets up to investigate, nothing has been moved and all is quiet. Yet these sounds keep on happening.

Why is it that when humans investigate, they can't see anything being moved? Yet the sounds can only happen if an entity, animal, or human is there. So something has to be going on.

Is the obnoxious racket going on in another dimension or parallel universe entirely and we are just somehow crossed in between them?

Thank you

Hello G.R.N.,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your question. Believe me, if I actually come up with the definitive answer to the poltergeist dilemma by the end of this reply I can retire tonight knowing that I will go down in history as the guy who "solved it". I have a feeling that that is not going to happen today. The champagne will have to remain corked... for now.

  You are correct in the fact that very rarely is any of the activity caused by an entity poltergeist witnessed by the human eye, and even more rarely is it captured on video [despite what one would assume by watching You Tube]. If I recall correctly, in his book 'The Most Haunted House in England', author and paranormal investigator Harry Price writes in an early chapter of a chat he had with a friend. The subject was how and why it is so extremely rare that people do not get hurt when a poltergeist throws an object at someone. That is true. In my research I have read many accounts where regardless of the speed and power [energy] that an object is thrown, it seems to decrease dramatically just before making contact with the subject. Seldom is the ending force strong enough to do any real damage - physically. Psychologically something like that has to have a powerful effect.

  Now I don't know if there are rules in the realm of the dead, but if there are two of them are, "Thou shalt not cause extreme human physical harm." and "Thou shalt not get caught." But rules are made to be broken and occasionally they do cause physical harm and sometimes they do get caught. But both are extremely rare.

  As for the parallel universe theory... the premise is not a new one. Back in the late 1880's Adolphe d'Assier had a theory that objects themselves possessed an "astral" double. Now of course if objects had a double, then so did people and they all reside in a different realm - obviously. He speculated that it was these objects that the poltergeist was trashing. Here is his reasoning - grab a coffee, this is going to take awhile... his book, 'Posthumous Humanity', [1887] d'Assier states, ...the sum of motion that an object has while in motion is found by multiplying the mass by the velocity thus its 'live force' is equal to 1/2 the mass by the square of the velocity, provided that the mass of the moving object is greater than zero. He never states how that force is generated in the first place. I guess that it was d'Assumed.

  The thing is, we do not know exactly what laws of physics apply in another realm or how they can be manipulated by those who may reside there. Are they fourth dimensional beings who find three dimensional realms child's play? Maybe but unlikely, according to some scientists, a fourth dimension would be too chaotic for gravity to exist and therefore mass could nor accumulate. But then again, ghosts are massless. Perhaps the poltergeist can manipulate the electromagnetic properties. After all, in our realm all is electro/magnetic in essence. Frogs have been magnetically levitated in laboratory settings.

  Of course I have focused this reply on actual 'entity' poltergeist activity and not on human caused poltergeist-like activity such as Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis [RSPK] or Stress Induced Psychokinesis [SIPK]. Those events are more psychical and parapsychological in essence and I will not address them in this reply.

  So how do they produce the sounds? Sound is energy [mechanical] and if they can manipulate energy, they should be able to create sounds. Sound is one of the lesser forms of energy. If the poltergeist can effect pressure and/or vibrations [all matter vibrates including the air we live in] it can produce sound. That makes more sense to me anyway than other realms filled with broken pottery.

  I hope that this has in some small way helped you find some possibilities behind the poltergeist phenomena. There are no concrete answers in this field of study. Maybe there never will be. Maybe there aren't supposed to be. The answers are out there and I guess that eventually we will all be privy to the knowledge. As the song from 'Jesus Christ Superstar' states, " conquer death we only have to die...."

  Best regards,

Greg Pocha,
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