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I work in an industrial factory. Because it is fairly hectic there is nothing noticed in the actual work areas. However, some of us here think that the lunch room may be haunted! Some of us hav e felt the presence of something that we can not see (actually someone did mention once that she thought that she saw a shadow move past the door). Most of us just feel uncomfprtable in that room. One of the fellows who work here has become very depressed and has had to take off from work. Do you have any opinion on what may be happening? Thank you.

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  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena with your question. I need to have more information about your workplace in order to give you my best opinion. To that end I need you to answer a few questions for me.

1. Do people feel uneasy in the whole lunch room in general or are the feelings particular to a certain spot or area.
2. What exactly surrounds the lunch room. By this I mean what is located on the other sides of the walls of the lunch room. Also is there a room above and/or below and what is there if there is?
3. What are the duties of the gent who is getting depressed and where does he work?

  Any additional information that you can supply me with would help. Please do not send the name of the company or any personal information about yourself or your colleagues. I look forward to your follow up reply.

Ciao for now,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again,

People feel uneasy in the whole lunch room, but yes, there seems to be more unrest in the corner opposite the door. The layout of the room is that there is a hallway out side, the enterance is to the right. against the wall to the right are windows. Straight across are tables going from right to left 9the uneasy feeling are more at tables along that wall. On the left wall are vending machines and two refridgerators. refrigerators.

Opposite the far side where the tables are is a lot of machinery on the other side of the wall. Above the room are offices, I think payroll, and beneith are generators and all of the electrical power boxes and stuff.

My friend who has the depression works as an electrician and is usually in the basement.

The building itself is fairly new, built in 2013. I know there have been no deaths here due to accidents. If ther is anything else you need to know please ask away!

Thanks again.


  Fantastic. The information was what I needed to know. No, I do not believe that your work place, the lunch room particularly is haunted. There are likely no ghosts, no entities, nothing at all preternatural. There are earthly explanations for the strange feelings that you and your fellow employees are encountering. The reasons are found both inside and surrounding the room. Let me explain.

  The room has electrical equipment, pretty heavy duty I assume, below it. It also has electrical appliances with-in it. Both are sources of electromagnetic pollution. Refrigerators can give off high levels of electromagnetic energy. One haunting that I did was pretty much solved when we had the client move her chair away from the wall opposite the kitchen where the fridge and the chair were separated by a regular wall. The EMF levels were very high where the chair was located. EMFs can effect certain people, those sensitive to them, in many averse ways. One is feeling sensations of being watched or the presence of an unseen entity, vague visual hallucinations, hearing things [auditory hallucinations]and/or the feeling of being touched or stroked.

  You also mention machinery opposite the far wall. There is an excellent chance that this machinery is producing infra sound. These are sound frequencies that fall below our normal range of hearing [20 - 20,000 hz.]. Noise below 20 hz.  as a rule is inaudible to us, but it can effect us. It can cause all of the hallucinations associated with high EMFs. Even the most ardent skeptic of the paranormal may feel haunt-like sensations if exposed to infra sound and is sensitive to it.

  You can see that your environment is largely responsible for the feelings and the phenomena many of you are experiencing. The solution would be to move the lunch room. At the very least move the tables to the wall where the door is as the wall across, where you state the sensations are worse, has the machinery near it. If that helps at all, it won't be much. The entire lunch room should be moved to the higher level. It might be one for the suggestion box!

  As for your depressed friend I believe that his very occupation may be responsible for his condition. Electricians actually have a higher suicide rate than others. A study was done and it seems that those who are exposed to extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation were more likely to become depressed. Research shows that exposure can effect the melatonin levels and decreased melatonin can cause depression. The cumulative effect of exposure to these low frequency EMFs may be the reason for your friends depression. I highly advise that your friend see his doctor to be certain that there are no other reasons for his condition. Depression is nothing to be ashamed of, it is a chemical imbalance and can usually be treated. Again, if your friend has not seen a doctor, please advise him to do so.

  Well, I hope that this has helped clear up your concerns about what is occurring at your factory. A few changes may make all the difference in the world. I am willing to bet that the sensations are felt more in the winter. Reason one being that the air is drier and that can also cause "creepy" sensations and two, people tend to eat lunch outdoors more decreasing the exposure to the EMF and infra sound pollution. By the way, both EMF and infra sound levels can be measured with the proper instruments, so you may wish to have the environment tested. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch and I get an answer out to you.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena  

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