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My son called me this morning to ask if I had experienced anything weird between 1-3 a.m. (which I had not).  He told me to close my closet door (my son doesn't live with me, so he didn't know the door was open).  He said he woke up between 1-3 a.m. and was extremely hot (his girlfriend confirmed this).  He dreamt that a dark figure was in my house.  It came out of my closet and was going to strangle me.  Apparently as he was dreaming this, the views he saw were through the eyes of the dark figure and also viewing from the outside like he was watching it.  He told the figure to back off several times and apparently it went downstairs, into my kitchen and disappeared.  My son is extremely worried about me.  

Background info: His girlfriend's daughter talks about a "monster" in the field next to my house that she sees at night when they are over.  My house was haunted when we moved in (we would hear footsteps and while I don't hear them anymore, anyone new in the house hears them if left alone).  I had a sensitive friend over several years ago and she didn't feel anything negative in the house.  My oldest son has a spirit attached to him, but he (my son) hasn't lived in the house for several years.  My youngest son (the one who called me this morning) has seen the ghost of an old woman on my property when I was out-of-town and my son came over to feed my cat.  (She followed him around and then down the driveway). There was poltergeist activity once (things being broken), but I told it to leave and never had a problem again (my psychic friend (who has since passed on himself) said the poltergeist was not harmful; just annoying).  There's a cemetary kitty-corner from my house (unmarked graves), but my house doesn't face it in any way.  There's another cemetary a block down the street.  Recently my mom had a stroke and while she was in the hospital she told me something kept tapping her on the arm like they wanted to tell her something (but she couldn't tell me who it was or what they wanted).  After a week she was moved to a rehab center and she told me that there was something dark that kept pacing back and forth outside the window of the room.  I was with her all but one of the 19 days she was hospitalized.  I wonder if I picked up a spirit at the rehab center (it had really weird energy).  Or, I wonder if this spirit has something to do with my dad.  Ever since my mom's stroke, my dad has been really nasty to everyone and basically "disowned" me while my mom was in the hospital.  There's something not right with him, but I can't put my finger on it.

Any insight would be helpful as I really don't have anyone else to ask anymore.  (FYI, tonight I firmly told it to leave my house.  It doesn't scare me, but my son is really worried about me. It may be time to buy some white sage and cleanse my house.)

Hello Kimberly,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena. When I have questions like yours I have to answer from a variety of angles. There are aspects of psychology, parapsychology and the possible paranormal. That in essence means that there may be logical explanations for this particular event, but that does not undermine that there may also be paranormal activity at work as well particularly in past events.

  Skeptics of the paranormal have a field day with the statement, "I dreamt it so it is true." or something along that line [it is fantasy so it must be fact]. In reality precognitive dreams are rare, so I would not feel that this dream is any indication of events to come. As a matter of fact, it sound like a nightmare. The events are rather cliche and stereotypical of many horror movies. The demon in the closet [based on a common childhood fear. Besides 1- demons do not exist and 2- if they did, what's up with the closets???], the attack on a sleeping woman [Hollywood], the "dark" figure [typical]... this adds up to the subconscious mind bring a lot of hidden images up during a time when the subconscious mind rules, during sleep. Every scary book that your son (or anyone for that matter)has read, every horror movie watched, every piece of urban legend and common folklore heard (not to mention all the crap on television) is stored away in the subconscious mind. During sleep that part of the mind opens up as the conscious mind hibernates. All of this can come out in dreams. And as for the door, there was a 50/50 chance that it was open. Coincidence does not a reality make. In my opinion, I would chalk this particular episode to a dream, a nightmare and little more. There is nothing lurking in your closet, and you seem down to earth enough as well as rational enough to dismiss this as something not to fret over. Even the whole scenario being seen and perpetrated through your son may have some issues attached, but is more a psychological hick up more than anything else, Again, it is common and should not be a concern. If at some point he starts going "Norman Bates', we will rethink this. Seriously, you have little to be concerned about.

  Back to topic - Another thing that leads me to the hypothesis that this was a nightmare was the observed fever. This is a chicken and egg problem. Was the nightmare responsible for the elevated temperature of your son. Yes, possibly the nightmare caused an excitement response increasing heart rate, breathing and anxiety. However, my guess is that you son may have had a fever and the increase in body temperature caused the dream as fevers can cause states of delirium. It is impossible to tell which was responsible for what, but only that a logical explanation is possible. Again, unless this becomes a recurring event I would not worry. If the problem persists, a visit to the doctor is in order to rule out medical issues before ruling in the "paranormal".

  And that was my sigway into the things that may have paranormal causes in your home. Let's address the cemeteries first. I love cemeteries. I find them calm, relaxing and meditative. I also enjoy the "reality check' of walking through the children's section where my life doesn't seem so bad - at least I had one. It is also a good place to go if you do not want to be concerned with ghosts. Cemeteries, contrary to popular belief are not overly haunted. Actually, except for the rare sighting, they are relatively ghost free zones. The reason is that ghosts are people like you and me and most people do not consider these places as highly, personally significant to them. Ghosts tend to "haunt" places, things or people who were important or significant in life. They will stay where they died, go to a favorite home, return to work, go to a favorite hotel, bar or theatre. But few find graveyards a "favorite" or important place, other than it serving a necessary purpose. So all in all, few ghosts reside in graveyards. That is the fact. However, that is not to say that there are not  some ghosts who for whatever reason, usually mental confusion, will reside in such a place. Just because a place is less likely to host a ghost does not infer that it doesn't.

  HOWEVER, hospitals and the such are haunted indeed. Placed where people die can be haunted [not places they go after they die such as morgues, funeral homes and cemeteries]. The exception is Hospice Centers as people enter there with the expectation of dying, and are therefore less likely to stay behind. You are correct in assuming that a wayward ghost followed you. It happens. Often times hospital ghosts are highly confused. Few go into a hospital with out a hope of leaving. Some are under anesthetics and thusly confused and unaware of their death. Some are accident victims, again dying unaware and suddenly. These are prime conditions for becoming a ghost.

  Do not mistake the signs of stress for signs of the paranormal. It sounds as if you and yours have had more than your fair share of stress lately. Mundane occurrences, feelings and attitudes may be blamed on something you are not in control of, such as a "haunting", as it takes the pressure away from having to deal with it as something that you have lost control over. Everyone reacts in different ways. Your dad is suffering from a loss. Not a loss of a life, but a loss none the less on different levels. You all have in a way. Give it time.

  Your son would not walk around with a leech attached to his arm or a tapeworm in his intestines, so why does he consider it okay to walk around with a parasitic ghost attached to hes psyche? No good can come of it.

  Yes, you should definitely do a cleansing on your home. And it should be done on a regular bases as your lot seems attractive to presences. It should be done in your case, yearly and when the need arises. To quote from an old television commercial, "Why wait for spring? Do it now!" Good advice.

  I do not give out my cleansing ritual on this site. If you wish to have the ritual and materials needed to perform it you will have to write to me directly at

and I will get the information out to you. Please remind me of who you are when you write.

  Well Kimberly, I hope that this has shed some light on what you are going through. Again, there are many different possible answers to what you have explained, and I have done what I can to try to sort out the psychological, physical, paranormal and parapsychology in my reply. In this field, those subjects often overlap. I look forward to hearing from you so that I can get the additional information out to you.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena  

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