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We notice in pictures that we have taken in our house orbs appear in some of them.
We have used three different cameras in various occasions in the span of one year.
My wife want to know whether is this bad.
Please we would like to know, thanking you in advance.


Hi Deivis,

Thanks for your question. Orbs are a unsettled issue among the paranormal community. Some say spirits. Others say environmental trash such as dust in the air. Dust is silica which means it can be reflective. If the flash from the camera hits it at the right angle it can create a reflection and look like an orb.

I myself believe that both theories are accurate. And that is not merely being "wishy washy". I think it is dependent upon the circumstance. I think some is atmospheric trash and other times it is a spirit OR indication of a spirit BEGINNING to manifest. Case in point I took a pic once of the outside of a house and large, brilliant orbs appeared in the foreground of the picture but deeper back there was a face that began to manifest. So while the orbs was not the entity itself it was an indication of some process that was taking place within the atmosphere, such as a increased charge.

Let me ask you this. In the year that you have been taking pictures, have you been experiencing phenomena in the house? Or were the occasion to take the pictures based on a desire to investigate phenomena that was occurring at or near that moment?

I'd like to get as much information as I can from you to accurately assess your situation and give you the most accurate answer.


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To be intellectually honest, there are no experts in this field of study. You cannot have an expert in such a subjective field as this. There is no litmus test to prove ones knowledge. With that being said, I can draw off my experience and study to answer questions that pertain to demonology, poltergeist activity, telekinesis, residual haunting, intelligent haunting, etc. Any answers that I do not know, which, none of us know ALL the answers, I will be glad to use my resources to find you the answer you are looking for.


My experience with the paranormal dates back to my childhood. The homes where my grandparents and great grandparents lived underwent much paranormal phenomena. Fear eventually gave way to curiosity and eventually study. In 2008 after having first hand encounters at my home, I decided to begin my own investigations group. We later merged with G.R.A.S.P. which is now being compared to that of T.A.P.S. or The Atlantic Paranormal Society. I have since founded a Christian based ministry dedicated to helping those who are experiencing negative phenomena.

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I have taken several courses although there is no particular accreditation recognized in this field of study at the present time.

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