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Hi There,

I have done the Ouija board a number of times. I want to know what you think of it. Do people really contact spirits that can give them answers through the ouija. Because different spirits gave different answers some times.

Your input on this is appreciated.


Hi Sirine,

Well, I hope you do not take this ill, however I am not objective regarding Ouija boards at all. Ouija boards or "witch boards" as they were first called are DANGEROUS. All out. The "spirits" that are "coming through" are not those of humans. They are familiar spirits. Demons. To keep you busy talking while they gain what is called a "legal right" to interfere in your life as well to hold open the metaphysical gateway to hell that is created inadvertently by the player. Another goal is to get you addicted. And then eventually to get you to seek deeper means of communications and draw you into spiritism.

I implore you with everything within me to do away with it. Take it to a priest or clergyman or spiritual leader in your community who can dispose of it properly and safely. Intent of the participant is not in play here like is assumed. Evil spirits lie. And they are good at what they do. And they are very convincing when they do. Look up a little on the "spirit" called "zaza".

Sorry I can't be more objective. :( Those things are nothing but trouble. If not immediately, in the long term. :(

Thanks for asking the question however. I appreciate the opportunity to serve.

God bless!


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To be intellectually honest, there are no experts in this field of study. You cannot have an expert in such a subjective field as this. There is no litmus test to prove ones knowledge. With that being said, I can draw off my experience and study to answer questions that pertain to demonology, poltergeist activity, telekinesis, residual haunting, intelligent haunting, etc. Any answers that I do not know, which, none of us know ALL the answers, I will be glad to use my resources to find you the answer you are looking for.


My experience with the paranormal dates back to my childhood. The homes where my grandparents and great grandparents lived underwent much paranormal phenomena. Fear eventually gave way to curiosity and eventually study. In 2008 after having first hand encounters at my home, I decided to begin my own investigations group. We later merged with G.R.A.S.P. which is now being compared to that of T.A.P.S. or The Atlantic Paranormal Society. I have since founded a Christian based ministry dedicated to helping those who are experiencing negative phenomena.

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I have taken several courses although there is no particular accreditation recognized in this field of study at the present time.

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