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Hello Mr. Pocha,

A friend of mine recently bought a ouija board. I have no intention on using it as I am not into the whole metaphysical, skooky mystical thing. I have however heard that they can be dangerous. Are they? Should my friend be concerned? I don't want to interfere, but I don't want to see her hurt. Your opinion would be appreciated. Thanks:)

  Hello and thank you for writing to me at AllExperts / Paranormal Phenomena with your questions and concerns. There seems to be a run on Ouija board questions lately and I will be glad to help you out.

  But first let's talk about knives. There are people like Jack the Ripper who was rather adept at using a knife to mutilate his victims. There are people like grand chefs who use knifes to create culinary delights, there are those who use knifes to rob old ladies of their rent money and there are those who use knifes to carve scraps of wood into pieces of art. In all cases the knife was nothing more than a tool used for various purposes. What made the knife's "work" good or bad was the person who was in charge of the knife at the time it was used. The knife is a tool, a means to an end. Such is the Ouija board.

  Ouija boards are NO DIFFERENT than any other means of contacting the dead with this one exception - it gets all of the bad rap. The Ouija board is a tool like the knife and can be used safely or dangerously depending on who is using it and the amount of precautions that they take. Put any knife in the hands of a toddler and there are going to be dire consequences. The same holds true of any form of trying to contact the ghost realm regardless of the tools or methods used such as pendulums, tarot cards, table tilting, seances, scrying and crystal gazing, and of course the ol' scapegoat for all that goes wrong, the Ouija board. If used correctly ALL methods of contact can be safe with proper precautions and all can be EQUALLY dangerous if used incorrectly. And there is the problem. Tools as these are often used without caution and incorrectly. Use a knife that way and you are bound to lose a finger or two.

  What really makes me laugh is that so many paranormal investigators, and so called "ghosthunters", are the first to cry fowl when they hear of the use of the Ouija board. "After all", they may say, "When you attempt to contact the dead you are opening the doors to demons [yeah....right] and evil entities not of this world." [cue scary music].

  These very same people will sit there in the dark asking that "Anybody out there please make your presence known..." while they hold a camera in one hand and a voice recorder in the other oblivious to the fact that their equipment, regardless of how technically advanced in comparison, are still nothing more than a modern tools to attempt contact from the dead... in other words... modern Ouija boards! In short, they ask questions and await replies - sounds familiar doesn't it? That goes for "toys" such as ghost boxes [Frank's boxes, spirit boxes}, evp generators and the like. Communication with the dead remains communicating with the dead whether one places ones finger on a planchette of a Ouija board or on the record button of something more up to date. "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...."

  The main danger of the Ouija is not so much from the board, but rather from the stigma and reputation that it has. THAT is what causes the damage as it can act on the subconscious of the people who use the board. The board has required a bad reputation, not so much from fact, but rather from legend. The board is especially dangerous to anyone who is prone to suggestion or is easily hypnotizable or who is gullible. These people can use the board and afterward start to convince themselves that every odd noise a furnace makes is the very bowels of Hell opening up to suck them down. Every breeze is an unearthly entity who is entering their home. Every bad dream [at at this point there should be lots of self induced bad dreams] is a new Demon waiting for the slightest opening to enter and take the soul. The danger of the Ouija board is the users own conscious and subconscious mind programming them into believing the hype. Of course all of the crap that is downloaded on YouTube of fake Ouija board sessions only adds to the delusion.

  N.B., I am not denying the existence of some very evil presences in the ghost realm. I would imagine that that particular area if full of undesirables. But demonic people are not "demons" although they may pretend to be for their own agenda.

  Now that being said the Ouija board if used incorrectly by even those with the soundest of minds and dispositions can invite an evil presence in if the board is not used correctly. BUT THAT IS TRUE OF ANY TOOL USED IN CONTACT... NOT JUST THE OUIJA BOARD - including the good ol' digital camera and voice recorder!!!

  If your friend insists on using the board, and this applies 1- to any one using the board and 2- to anyone using ANY method of contacting the dead, to take every precaution. The people must ask their guardians, particularly their doorkeepers [astral body guards] of the pure white light to watch over them, to surround them in a protective shield of light, to continue doing so after the session and to surround the home in the same protective shield. It is important that you state that only those who are not in any way evil, malicious, negative or malevolent not be allowed through or to make any contact in any manner what-so-ever. You may also wish to invoke the services of the archangel Michael. After the session the board must be closed by stating by all present that they want to close the doors to the other side allowing no one and nothing to enter [you don't care if they leave]. Put a sprinkling of salt on the bottom of the boards box, replace the board and put a sprinkling of salt over the board, close the box and your good to go. However, the main problem with all of the above is that it is rarely done, except by those who respect the board, or any other tool.

  I love to cook and I have a special knife that I use to do so. I keep it dry and clean, hone it before use, use it with care, and it is immediately washed, dried and put away after use. I respect that tool. If all tools, regardless of their usage receives respect from an experienced user, few are dangerous. Food for thought.

  I hope that I have helped you with your concerns. If you have any other issues or questions please feel free to contact me.

Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena

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