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So about 4 years ago (when I was 13) I was playing around with a ouiji board at my house with a bunch of friends for a sleepover. Anyways long story short the spirit said that they would haunt me. I asked, freaked out, if they would stop haunting me if I told my mom. They said yeah, so I did. still, creepy. Anyways, ever since then (mostly at night) I've felt like there's been a presence watching me. Weird music, footsteps, doors shutting, the whole shabang. I got into this habit of whenever I felt the presence especially strong I would say "come back on my 18th birthday, I'll be strong enough to fight you then." Well, now i'm 17, and freaked out that something'll happen to me on my 18th birthday. Nothing has happened to me in the past 4 years that this has been going on except a general sense of unease and weird shapes out of the corner of my eye (as well as a thing coiled at the end of my bed and a shape about 8 feet tall shaped like a girl that appeared and then disappeared in front of my bedroom door, but the first one can be most likely attributed to an overactive imagination and a high fever, and the other- well, I had just woken up at the time and it might have been a left over dream.) Regardless, nothing has happened to me or my mom physically, so i've never seen any reason to change it. More like, you don't bother me, I don't bother you. I can deal with a little uneasiness/ strange sounds if it means that it won't go beyond that. But what with my 18th birthday coming up I'm a little worried and unsure if I should do something or not.  (oh, also my mom refuses to get rid of the ouiji board. don't ask me why.)

The most important thing is not to give in to fear. Fear will allow the phenomena to grow. For protection you can get a bowl of white vinegar and mix a little bit of sea salt in it and allow it to evaporate in your room. This will make it difficult for the entity to manifest. Also before bed, I want you to relax and mentally imagine being surrounded by light, then let the light enter your body and project it toward any hostile force. You should also read psalm 91 prior to going to bed when you are relaxed.

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