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Paranormal Phenomena/Phone ringing Beds shaking Doors opening


It has been 11 years since we  moved in to our home, from the first days, we notice that we had a small/teenage size child spirit made his/her presence known and from time to time we would witness it running or going by the hallway, even playing peek a boo.  We did not see it as a threat to us. However, my daughter who is special needs is the one who has encounters with a little girl who will jump on her bed while she lay. This was a daily complaint of her, until I ask the girl to leave her alone; this help for a little while until my daughter would mention it again. More recent she has mention of a woman in her room. Now we are experiencing new actives like the opening of my daughters door, which was witness by my mother who came to visit and saw how the knob turn and open (twice).  In addition, things like the shaking of my son bed and desk, he indicated that he heard a rumbling sound like an earthquake before his bed shook, days to that he has heard a women voice. Just recent my house phone rang about 10 PM, when I answer it there was no one responded. I then repeated a “hello” and it would repeat what I said, as if my phone was calling me. Over the past years, my husband has witness the kitchen towel fly off the table, I have been slap while sleeping, my son has had his door shake and he always sees sparking lights. We have heard noise on the first floor, like carpet moving, cabinet closing and little odd noises that would make your hair stand up.  My concerns is more for my children especially my daughter, should we be concern of the activities we are experiencing?

Hi Magdelen,

Please excuse my late response, but I would like to talk to you in private.

Can you contact me via my website

My phone number is there as well as an e-mail link. Sending e-mail addresses through this posting board will not go through so you need to go through my website directly.

Your home situation is escalating and I am concerned about your daughter in particular. It's not uncommon for special needs children to be more open to such interference with entities.


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