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QUESTION: I first starting "feeeling" spirits about 4 years ago, in 2009. I was staying with a family member on her farm in Louisiana. While I was there I was staying in her living room. Within the first couple days of being there I started getting uneasy feelings, as if someone was watching me. Although I felt it throughout the house, it was strongest in the front room. I told a few family members about my experience, only to find out my grandmother had a similar one. She had stayed there a few months before I got there. She told me that one night, she looked up from the chair she was sitting in and saw a little boy dancing, as if he was trying to entertain her. After moving out, I found out that the house use to be a brothel.
In the summer of 2010, I worked at a Christian kids camp in California... Every Thursday night we'd hear knocking on the back door of the cabin. It got to the point where the camp director would sit outside of our cabin to make sure no one was approaching it. The last Thursday that I worked there, when we woke up, there was a face print on the glass of a window. But it wasn't on the inside or on the outside, it was between the two pieces of glass.
At the end of 2010, I was going to college in Washington state.  My friends and I decided to visit a haunted cemetery(Baby Graves and Hell's Cellar in Benton City, Washington) to see if it was really haunted. We visited a couple of times, almost always at night. Only a few headstones are still there, but the field where all the headstones use to be is huge. Most times, nothing happened, but one night I was dared to walk to the center of the cemetery by myself. As soon as I got to the middle, a white figure appeared and growled loudly. The one time a few friends I went during the day, we took pieces of the headstones with us as "souveniers". At this point, I still didn't take spirits and ghosts seriously. To us, it was a big joke.
I moved to Mississippi in 2011. I lived in a house with my best friend and her boyfriend. My bedroom had 2 windows, and every night I would hear knocking on my window. The first night it happened I opened the blinds, but no one was there. The next night when it happened, I woke my roommates up. Her boyfriend went outside to check if anyone was outside, but didn't see anyone. The guy I was dating at the time was abusive. I was at his house one night when a fight occurred. I walked out to his dining room and saw a man standing there. I couldn't see defined features, but I could see his face, if that makes sense. I could tell he was older than me, but not by more than a few years. He was about 6 foot and of average build. He just stood there and looked at me. I stared for a few seconds, blinked and he was gone. I was also driving from Mississippi to Louisiana most nights to work in New Orleans. One night in particular, I remember driving home and being EXTREMELY tired. My eyes started to close while I was on the road, but I suddenly became very awake and he was sitting in the passenger seat. Another night, I was hosting a party. I was walking out of my room and shut the door behind me. As I walked down the hallway and reached the living room, I turned around and saw him standing in front of my bedroom door. All these happened over 2 years. I don't always see him, sometimes I just feel him there with me. It's not a frightening feeling. Most of the time, I feel like he's there because he's looking after me. Each instance where I clearly saw him was a night when something VERY bad either just happened or was about to happen. He's never walked toward me, talked, or moved other than turning his head to look at me. It's like he's there just to let me know that I'm not alone.
However, there are times, when I'm alone, that I get VERY scary feelings of someone watching me or standing right behind me. I've seen dark figures standing in the corner of rooms or following me. I don't know what to think of all of this... People have suggested trying to talk to the man I see, but I'm not sure if he's the one scaring me, too. I was also raised in an extremely Christian household and have been told that if I talk to him, i could open a door to other spirits. Do you have any idea what could be going on or any advice I could follow? Thanks so much!


ANSWER: Wow hon! You've got a lot going on.

Where to begin.

I am wondering if you didn't pick him up at that grave yard when you had the encounter with that evil spirit. Yes, that was an evil spirit. It MIGHT be that he was not at rest as he should be, and wished to step in and protect you. At the same time what you are hearing from your folks is also correct. It's very possible that your "friend" there is a "familiar spirit" of someone of that image and he is subtly attempting to draw you into communications. Or "spiritism". What they are warning is real. It's called a "legal right". You see, I'm a deliverance minister now and I deal with this all the time.

It's dangerous to play around with that stuff. Seek and ye shall find works both ways. It's also a possibility you picked him up at the former brothel. The "little boy" dancing was not a little boy. That was a demon. I'm not sure about your watcher. Which I don't like, based on the fact that it is not clear to me what he/it is. The question of note also is, did he protect you, or bring about the situations in some way.

It can go both ways. I also see with the knocking at the camp and the watching at your relative's, etc are all attempts to get you interested enough to try and communicate.
The only communicating I would do with him is ask him if anything "Who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords?" and watch his reaction. Or if he disappears. Even still, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal unto you who/what he/it is and why he/it has become attached. As for the other experiences, it could be you have discernment. Or it could be you have some attachment.

I would truly like for you to hook up with a inner healing and deliverance team up that way if you are in Washington. You have one in Kennewick. You also have a Portland group. I'd trust either of them with you. It may be that you need some ministering to. You could have a major anointing on your life and that is what they are out to destroy. That is how the enemy operates.

Let me hear what you are thinking so far. :)

God bless!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks so much, Adam, for responding to me. I've always told myself that this "man" is the one protecting me, however, you brought up an interesting point. He could possibly be the one bringing about the situations. Also, your point that all the things I described in my original question could be ways to get my interest and get me to communicate, was really interesting. If that's the case, I'd eventually like to figure out why this spirit has tried so hard for so long to get my attention.
If I ask the "man" that question, and it's an evil spirit, could his reaction be dangerous for me? I'd love to ask him that, but I'm scared about his reaction. What would it mean if he disappeared? Also, you said I could have discernment or some attachment. What do you mean by that?
And thank you for those suggestions. I'll definitely look into finding a group like that.

Hi Sandy!

It's great to hear back from you! :)

I'd like to point out that as I don't have any insight as to who he was, if it is a human spirit (for some reason) or a demon, I'm careful not to label it as such immediately. If this is a soul that is for some reason which we may never know, stuck here on this plane, I don't want to call him evil. That would be cruel of me. Seemingly his only crime is to be at the right place at the wrong time, thus far. That we can figure.

If it were a demon, and if you are under the Blood of Christ and know Him as your Savior, I don't think you would be endangering yourself. But you would still need to take the necessary precautions. When it comes to the supernatural we should always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Here's how I would play it.

I would pray and ask God to reveal to your heart who or what this entity is. To let you know be he good or evil. If he is not evil and merely trapped, pray for him. Ask Jesus to call to him to have him be where He is. And rest. Tell God that your heart's desire is to be rid of this if it is evil or to help him get home if he is a soul that is stuck somehow. Ask Christ to protect you and be holding your hand when you pose the question to it the next time you see it/him. Ask Him to go before you. And to protect you. And to give His angels charge over your protection. Then plea the Blood of Christ over yourself, your vehicle, your home and your family. This is safety measures.

Carry a Bible with you. It's ok if it's a small one. The next time you see him/it, take the Bible and draw a spiritual line of Christ's Blood between you and he. Don't worry, it's metaphysical. A demon cannot cross the "Blood line". This will afford you a extra measure of security. Say a quick prayer before you speak to him/it to yourself.

Then simply ask him, in the Name of Jesus, "who" he is (or what) and why he follows you.

You will likely already know by then if it is a demon. He'll scowl, maybe morph or disappear. If it be a demon command it to depart on the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and verbalize "I loose the angels of the Lord to see to it."

If there is no adverse reaction you the Bible, the Blood line, your prayer, etc. then it's likely he is a human spirit that is somehow stuck and has attached himself to you. Probably you remind him of someone from his life or possibly he just saw a beautiful woman and decided he liked you and wanted to try and protect you. But he doesn't need to stay.

Explain to him that you appreciate him looking out for you all this time and that you hold no ill feelings toward him. Rather you want him where he SHOULD be and that is with Jesus in Heaven. Tell him to go to Him. He may seem confused. Explain to Him who Jesus is. And then pray that He come to him right then and there to take him to be with Him.

It's the most compassionate thing your could ever do for him.

The disappearing might be hard to interpret. Either it is an evil spirit reacting to the measures and not desiring to be around it so he blips out, or the guy could be intimidated. If it's a fella, just do it again the next time you see him.

Now, discernment is a spiritual gift. It is when you are given the ability to see and or hear into the spirit world. Please don't get that confused with psychic. Polar opposite sources. And not used for the same thing.

An attachment is a little more difficult to explain. It's a measure different than your Joe being "attached" to you. It is a measure of spiritual oppression wherein by some instrument the forces of evil have some kind of legal right or has exploited a legal loophole to gain interference in your life. It might be that they are waiting for a specific act or behavior or opening of some sort to exploit a curse that is active in your bloodline.

Being that you were involved in an abusive relationship, I would think that you should seek some inner healing. Inner healing goes to the root of the pain rather than just dealing with the superficial surface hurt. It explores areas that may be acting as triggers to certain things. And then deals with those areas. It's almost an emotional diagnostic checkup. lol

We must understand that bad guys can be conveyed through sexual relationship. So I want to make sure that the anger and or rage that fueled your abusive boyfriend at the time was not transferred to you via physical union. IF that did occur I want to put you with a ministry that will tackle that and send it along it's way. :)

I'm checking the state to see if there are any ministries I can pair you with. I do need to vet them first if that is ok. I would not recommend one willy nilly. :)

Well, that's about it I think. OH- let me leave you with a prayer. Then I gotta hit the hay. :) Church starts in 3 hours. lol

Have a great day! Hope to talk to you again soon!


Heavenly Father, I thank you for putting Sandy in front of me. I pray that I have been a good representative of You thus far. Father I thank You for watching over her and keeping her safe and I pray that You would continue to do so. Father we put this situation in your hands. You know the ins and outs. We can merely surmise. Father I pray that you will bring this situation full circle Lord. Accomplish what you want accomplished in all of this. And if this be a trapped soul I pray that you would transition him to Your side and give him the rest that he needs. Even if he doesn't know it. If this be the evil one Father I pray down all the powers of Heaven onto it right now! Father you said when the enemy comes in like a flood You will raise up a standard against it and we claim that right now on the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Father I put angels on guard in her room. I put and angel at the foot of her bed. At the head of her bed. On each side of her bed. Father I plea the Blood over her and her home, her car, her family and friends and even pets if there be any. And Father if this is a gift of discernment that she is experiencing, Father I pray that you would let her know in some way. And I pray that you would refine it and grow it in accordance to Your will and her willingness. Father I claim this woman for Your kingdom and I set her aside for the up-building of it. Father I cancel every assignment of the enemy over her life. That that the enemy has stolen from her over the years I speak to the enemy and I demand it be returned her seven fold on Your authority! I demand that the one who has it locked up turn over the key to the angel of the Lord. That nothing shall be withheld that was meant for you Sandy. I praise You Lord for Your Son and for divine providence. And I thank you that you have heard the prayer of your servant. For it is in Christ's Name I pray it, Amen.  

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