Paranormal Phenomena/Aliens and Ghosts?


Do you believe that there are other intelligent beings in the universe, probably more intelligent than us?
If so, when they die, do they also become spirits?

I do believe that there are other forms of life in this and other universes. I have seen enough evidence to prove to me that something is going on. As to if they become spirits I believe they do, but there is a theory that some aliens who evolved somewhere else have created like organic robots in the form of grey aliens. If that is true then it brings up some interesting questions.

I recommend you read the work of edgar kaycee to further your studies.

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I am well versed in paranormal phenomena. I specialize in demonology, but I have extensive knowledge in the realm of ghosts and hauntings, as well as ufo phenomena. I am an active investigator and have solved many paranormal problems for people.

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