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I know that I have an entity around me. I've felt a presence in my life since I can remember. An old medicine woman told me this was my spirit guide and that we had a past life together. It definitely feels male. It doesn't feel threatening at all, but sometimes strange things will happen, or not happen, depending on the situation. When I was little I used to sit in my bed at night and think I was talking to an angel. I have only seen him when I was in serious trouble and needed immediate help. He's really tall, has long, dark hair, eyes that glow bright like the light of a full moon on a clear night, a little bit of a goatee and mustache, and he has a very natural gait in his walk, long, comfortable strides. When the lights are off at night sometimes he'll touch me on the back of my neck, or lean over the couch when I'm sleeping. We had a cat, but after a while she kept throwing up all the time. I mention this because I've heard that animals can react badly to these entity's. I want to know is it a shadow person, a guardian angel, a demon in disguise, an extraterrestrial, what is it exactly? And should I be worried? He is very, very protective of me. When I went to live with my dad, he haunted the house because he didn't like my dad or his girlfriend, so they made me leave cuz it freaked them out. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. I'm 33 now with my own kids and husband. They have seen things and felt things too, but not threatening. I just wanna know what it is and should I be concerned for me and my family. I call him Mack.
Thank you for your time.

Hello Landra,

Anything that causes you fear when you're dealing with the paranormal is a sign of a problem.

Divine supernatural events are not fearful for the most part. They are comforting, pleasant and life-saving at times. Angelic experiences can come in two forms - solid human beings who interact with you and you never even know they're not living people or they are glowing, winged beings that aid you and appear as we expect them too as glorious radiant messengers of God.

Anything else that approaches you that is not Divine is not wholesome to mingle with energetically or otherwise.

You are being confused with several types of paranormal phenomena that isn't Divine. You know that and must not engage it no matter its guise of friendliness. This is something you've experienced since a toddler. This may even be a lineal problem with your family.

I suggest the book Clean House, Strong House by Kimberley Daniels.

If you need further info, please feel free to contact me via

Be strong in your faith, prayers for protection and persevere against paranormal contacts. Fear is your enemy. This book will help explain what is happening.


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