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This message is in regards to my ex girlfriend who lives in an old house in Milton Ontario Canada. We have no talked in a while because we broke up. I live with a new girl now . She knows not to text me. But at 5:30 I woke up from a text from her saying "can't talk now .... Call later " typed exactly like that . So I waited for the morning to ask her what the message about. She said she woke up drenched in bed, facing the opposite way with her light on and but her door left the exact way as she went to bed . Her iPhone has a pass code and she has never sleep walk before . She said she swears on a bible she knows she didn't send the text to me, she didn't wAke up till noon. Then she told me the night before she heard the door slam twice and somehow she was the only one who heard it, not even her 4 dogs were woken . She said the only reason why she can think of this happening is becAuse she did some research on the 'Luminati' a couple days ago after seeing a music video.
She's 21 and lives in the country with a loving family , she's in university and has never done drugs . She's not much of a drinker either just terrified and would love if someone could help her out with an answer

Hi Richard,

This is an interesting question because it entails the use of a phone for starting quite a scare among the people involved in this event.

First, there is definitely a link between the Illuminati and Satanic orders. In fact, there is a specific group of people who are Illuminati Satanists. They have taken the idea of world domination prescribed in the original Illuminati tenets to a dark side.

The original Illuminati society started in the late 1700s used esoteric rituals, spiritual invocations and a quest for power as a matter of regular membership procedures. The Illuminati still operates this way. Both the Illuminati and Satanists do have parallel ritualized philosophies and goals. Even if Satan is not involved in the Illuminati rituals by name, there are overtures to the spiritual realms for getting money, personal status, power, etc.

Aside from this Satanic spin-off, there is no denying that the original Illuminati motto is Order through Chaos or New World Order through Chaos. A world in chaos is also a demonic mission against God. Chaos is physical, moral, and ethical destruction of human culture, society and earth as we know it. This new world will be ruled by a single entity-person-group that has complete world dominion forever.

I am sure that your ex-girlfriend has been following digital breadcrumbs that have led her to an unwholesome interest of negative philosophies through music, videos and friends. These breadcrumbs are loaded with enticing visuals and stimulating ideas that create curiosity and even mild interest. This is entity psychological warfare under the guise of entertainment and personal titillation. I believe she's been following such breadcrumbs for a few weeks.

It's normal for people to be drawn to the limitless and edgy prompts thrown at us through peer pressure, desire for acceptance and finding a niche in this world. However, there must be some sort of stopgap boundary. You can intellectually study something without starting an emotional investment in it. You can experience but not join personally with it. Basically, you mustn't set up an energetic resonance with something negative, subversive or harmful to yourself or others.

I would say get your boundaries straight because there are dark energies looking at you and for your weaknesses via unwholesome influences that catch your eye, brain and body. They can enhance the negative experiences until they become addictive and obsessive behaviors soon integrated into your daily life that even draws negative people of the same mind to you. This is a spiral down. She must protect her self and her soul from danger. Right now she is being drawn to negative-based people at college. Their entity problems are now scouting around her for the last couple of months.

At the moment she has drawn something nonhuman directly to her. The good news is that its not staying in the house but coming in and out.

As for your mysterious phone call. Her phone was hijacked digitally and manipulated to call you. It has been an affective way to mess with your life and hers. Such cell phone manipulations are common.

I experience this type of hijacking when dealing with demonic cases where client messages back and forth from me are lost, never logged as coming to me or the client, etc. I have even had entities answer my calls in a client's home and speak directly to me as I recorded them live. They are bestial-like, foul-mouthed and threatening without fail.

Once I got a call from a client that said she needed my help again. I called her later and talked to her. She had no problem and never made the call. It sounded like her voice, spoke with her accent and wasn't her. The recorded message is on my computer still as evidence of voice mimicry.

Your ex-girlfriend has had a very invasive experience. She must start relying more on Divine help to detour the entity trying to move in on her. This is done with prayer, faith and a steady relationship with God. She needs Heavenly backup right now.

I suggest the following book to help explain things further:

Clean House, Clear House by Kimberly Daniels.

If she needs further help have her contact me by phone or email on my website link (click it directly - do not copy and paste into your e-mail) through


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