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QUESTION: There is a girl that keeps manifesting herself throughout my life. She appears to me at random, or at least I'm not picking up on why she is. She always has a different name, but she looks exactly the same and has the same attitude, hobbies, and outlook on life as each of her other selves. I call her my impossible girl. Who is she? Is there anything I should begin looking at to better understand her? I need leads. Please help.

ANSWER: Hi Will,

A living girl or a ghost?  If living, I just watched this story on tv, Dr Who to be precise.  It's very strange to see it here in reality.

Do you speak to her when she appears?  That's the quickest way to find out something about her .. as to the rest .. perhaps she is teaching you something about yourself?  

How often do you see her?

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Living. I actually call her my impossible girl, because I saw it on Doctor Who and I thought the name fit. Weirdly enough she looks like the actress who plays Clara the impossible girl. I have talked to her, she isn't aware that there are others exactly like her.

The thing I did catch onto, however was that she brought me and people who are now my close friends together in every scenario she appeared to me in. It's quite odd.

ANSWER: This is utterly fascinating .. how many times have you seen her?    

These are the sorts of questions I would be asking myself - does she appear on a regular pattern?  Does she appear at certain types of events, or before certain types of events?  Does she appear when you are in certain types of moods?  When its time to make hard decisions?  When you are travelling away from home?  Does she repeat certain patterns of words (thinking of Clara and that 'run, run, you clever boy)?

New friends sound lovely, and 'odd' could mean there's a karmic connection between the two of you, that she is repaying.  Attitudes, hobbies and beliefs are things we pick up as we grow up .. so meeting people with similar beliefs etc is not unusual, particularly when people have an internet connection.  

As to there being others exactly like her .. doppelgangers exist.  I met my own in Sydney many years ago .. quite a shock for both of us. LOL And sometimes we might think two people are similar, but they only share certain features .. our minds provide the similarity (had that experience with a set of twins who I thought looked nothing like each other .. but perhaps I was reading 'character' in their faces, rather than looking at the shape of face/eyes/chin/cheekbones etc).  Other people thought they were almost identical?

Perhaps next time she turns up you should take a photo .. to compare with the following time she arrives, to make sure it is the 'same' face, and not simply one who is very similar.  Or she might never come again, if the karma is paid.

Otherwise it sounds wonderfully harmless.

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have seen her twice. The same number of times the Doctor saw her before finally meeting the original Clara.

As a matter of fact, thinking back she appeared to me both times when I was nervous and didn't know many people, as if she was saving me and trying to make me calm. She made me anxious every time I saw her, nevertheless. I fell in love with her both times. It was a non-sexual love on top of it all. I did try to ask her to go on a date, but both times ended in a deep sorrow. I never cried that much over a girl in my life. We have a lot in common and in fact, love the same things.

The karmic connection could be true, but I feel something deeper. There have been deeper experiences with a higher-dimensional being in my life. This being has existed since I was a young child and has had an interest in me ever since. It speaks to me using physical reality. Whether it be signs or people. I have a feeling that there is a connection between them.

I'm friends with both of them on Facebook. I compared two of their photos and they both are uncannily identical. The problem is they both live far away from me. One lives in California, while the other lives in DC.

It could be harmless, but if there is some higher entity involved, I'm interested to see where it's taking me. My life is very happy and lucky, very lucky. Lucky enough to get more luck. It's funny. The only thing I have not had luck with is her, my impossible girl. I have a feeling though, that the next time I see her, I will finally win her over.

I just want to know what she is. If there is anything I can read up on, or if I'm on an un-blazed trail.

... what is 'she'? .. they both sound simply to be living breathing humans to me.  Could they be identical twins separated at birth, or cousins?  That has happened in the past.  Do they know each other, or about each other?

I hope your higher power has a name, a kind nature and doesn't ask you to harm yourself.

As to 'catching' your lady .. which one do you want?  There are two of them, they are both on facebook, and are both human .. might be confusing or frustrating if you don't pick the right one.  

I think something magical has happened for you because of the similarities of the two ladies, but I don't see anything metaphysical here.  'We' give meaning to events in our lives .. and you really have only seen each of them once, not many times.  Enjoy the magic of what has happened, remember to be grateful for the help .. and keep your options open .. everything is possible ..

Love & Peace

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