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Over three years ago I had an experience that just never left me and it has confused me ever since. I'm not so sure I believe in ghost as I am a Christian and I was brought up that they simply do not exist, though there is a God and most certainly a devil, but I am open minded and I am interested in other beliefs, theory's, im not much of an "arguer".
It was around 11pm and I was sitting on the beach with a friend of mine, I understand the term "white noise" and it coming from waves, so I will say I heard alot of voices so it sounded like, music, but not a single person was in sight. We started talking about psychics and ghost for a moment, until we decided to get our feet wet. I closed my eyes and I strongly felt that someone came up in front of me and into my face, and i opened my eyes and no one was there. You know that feeling when your eyes are closed but you just SENSE someone is right in front of you, thats what it was. We started to head back up to the boardwalk to go back to the beach house and whatever the feeling was, I dont remember, we stopped and just turned around and there was this figure, kind of like shining a flashlight into a mirror, and it was vertical, as if it were standing straight up, in pretty much the exact spot we were just at. We started to run, but stopped just in case it might bring on some evil omen and something comes after us, so we walked super fast, once we got to the boardwalk, before we stepped onto it, we turned around and stared at this figure that was still standing there. I wish at the time I had a cell phone or camera on me so I could have taken a picture, but we just kept staring at it, and talking about what it looked like. I wanted to say something, but I had a bad feeling, something in me just told me to keep my mouth shut and walk away. Eventually we did walk away and I never experienced anything like it again. It is said that the specific beach we were on IS haunted so they say..
If it were a sign, or a pole, i knew i would have looked at it just because it was there, the next day we made sure there was no pole, or sign, or anything else that could have made anything like we seen.
So, my question is, what do you think it was? And why were we able to see it and stare at it so visibly with the naked eye?  
It was just a very shiny figure, if i were to say it was a "spirit", it was standing up, but the brightness of it was as if someone was shining a flashlight into a mirror in a dark room..and for the record i go to that beach every year for a week, pretty much the same spot, never had another experience like it.

Thank you,

Hi Julie!

Wow! That must have been quite the experience! I've caught spirits in photography and I've seen the demonic from time to time in twilight (you know that "grey" area between asleep and awake) but never have I witnessed what you did with the naked eye.

As to what it was I can't be sure. I'd have to be psychic which I am not. :) However, with that being said, I think you could probably go with your initial gut instinct. You were talking about ghosts and psychics at the time. Ghosts are "meh" but psychics get their information from familiar spirits which are low level demonics. Sometimes they call them "spirit guides". Their familiar spirit demon just asks the other person's familiar spirit demon whatever they are trying to find out and their familiar spirit relays to them the information they just received. Not at all familiar with a similar situation though that you experienced. My guess it was one of two things though. An angel or a demon. Remember satan can often come as an "angel of light". So we are back to your initial gut instincts which said "Danger Will Robbins". So you departed quickly.

I myself am really caught as I am a Christian myself and I have found out that most ghosts are just demons incognito. I do believe though that it is possible for what they call "residual" or basically a playback of some past event. But it's not where the actual spirit of the person is present. It's like watching a video if you would. However this experience you two had doesn't really fit as it seemed to be interactive with you.

That's a hard one to give a concrete answer on Julie. :) Kind of a subjective question. Open ended you might say. I do hope it was enlightening though! :) Please feel free to elaborate if you could or feel it may help in coming to a more concrete answer. And thanks again for your question!!! :)

God bless!


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