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I have a very unique story to share with you and I believe it is very special. I strongly believe that things happen for a reason and I feel that I am connected with the spiritual world. I have a good relationship with god and my guides and time to time I have other beings communicate with me in different ways.  I have a big mission that I am here to complete and will be completed. :)

Last summer I have been on and off relationship with my ex bf Michael since 2008 and have mostly ended it in 2011. He oftens tries to suck me back in but I am too strong. I met an amazing man in Feburary, Noel and we built a beautiful friendship till this day not sure where things will go. Again last summer I had unprotected sex with Michael for the first or second time and the next day I was experiencing strange things happening in my womb. The next few weeks was often strange because I have spotting two weeks after my period which was so unusual.
In the middle of the night I woke up abruptly and I felt a presence in my room. I felt a hand brushed against my lower part of the belly and felt a spirit (I had a channeling done with a friend of mine who does this for a living and I was able to recognize and connect with the spirits more easily)  went into my womb and felt movement. I wasn't afraid and fell fast asleep. The next day I took a pregnancy test and I was negative. The next day I experienced spotting and the day after that I experienced something very strange. I noticed a strange 1 inch by a 1/8 white rippled tissue
and it had a red dot at the end.
After that I had no problems. Never had stds or anything and this is such a remarkable story! I believe that things do happen for a reason and I felt blessed that the spirit world is watching over me and knows what lays ahead. :)

HI Alison,

I would think this would be more a question for your doctor, but in my untrained opinion, being female and having a slight medical bent, I'd have to ask a couple of questions first .. to clarify what you have said ..

1)  Was the sex between your period and the spotting?  

If the spotting started to occur before the spirit intervention, then perhaps you were already starting to miscarry before that happened, though spotting in early pregnancy is usually not something to worry about.  In that case, the spirit intervention might have been to stop the miscarriage .. but a damaged fetus will still miscarry.

2)  Is 'a few weeks' two or three?  

The little rippled tissue might have been the embryo but then you would also have had some blood with it, not just spotting, which would look like a period.  Periods are caused when the endometrial lining of the womb comes away, and that is what happens with miscarriages.  How soon afterwards did your period return?

3)  Where you wishing very much that you were not pregnant?

Knowing what I do about free will, and the strict rules around it, I do not believe that a Light being would interfere in a pregnancy that was created through the free will action of you and your ex - unless the pregnancy was going to cause you some physical harm and you had made an agreement, before coming into the world, not to get pregnant at this stage in your life.  I would also suggest that you watch any other pregnancy you have, because you might be inclined to miscarry.  There are entities that will interfere in the human body, without permission, and they don't always frighten people when they do this, so use commonsense and be careful.

Yes, it is a remarkable story and I am glad you have given it such a positive outlook.  :-)

Love & Peace

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