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QUESTION: It happened when I was just under ten years old, I was living up in Northern Saskatchewan, La Ronge and my family had gone out for a bike ride along the road in front of the elementary school.

The bike ride itself is unimportant except for when we were returning, we were going around the bend, downhill. I had taken point with my older brother behind me. We were having fun, but my tire started to shake, before I know it I didn't even hit the ground.

Everything went black, except everything was not black at the same time. I was standing in some kind of room, I could see my hand and body, I could feel something in front of me in the dark light. I asked where I was, it didn't answer me and I kept screaming that I wanted to go back. I must have been there for at least five minutes, even as I remember everything that happened in the dark room right now, my head feels like it's being squished.

I repeated that I wanted to leave and then it spoke, an old voice, the words are forgotten but it spoke for five seconds before it went black and I was inside the back of an old woman's car. Being driven down the bend, turning right then being brought out by my parents to our house.

I had been crying, they said I was talking to them, that I wasn't knocked out or unconscious. They still won't tell me what I've said no matter how much I ask, I probably won't know what was said when I was in the dark room.

But I desperately need to find out where I was, my life has not been the same ever since. I'm constantly in touch with a feeling of knowing what will happen next, lastly after the Dark Room my life has been surrounded and begun gravitating around the number 7.

No matter where I go, what I do, what path I choose in life, there is the same number. So I have to ask, what is that Dark Room and why am I followed by one number no matter where I go?

Please help, you can e-mail me back, I'll reply within a few hours, I'm either at my post secondary facility or at home.


  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena. There's a hill in Saskatchewan??? Seriously, it is nice to hear from a fellow Canadian and my neighboring province.

  I would like a bit more information. You mention that you were on the verge of turning 10 when this incident occurred. How long ago was that? Do you know if you hit your head when you met the ground? Did you land on your back?

  I also want to consult with some of my team members who are in the medical field before I send you a detailed reply. I look forward to hearing from you with a follow up in regards to the additional information that I need.

Ciao for now,

Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It occurred around 2000, I was eight turning nine, before the incidents at the two towers.

I believe I scraped my forehead, but the pain from waking up was originating from my arm and elbow. We never did a follow up at the hospital, simply applied first aid. I can't say for sure how I landed, I woke up inside the car, what little information my family did give me was that I just fell off of my bike. No reasoning on why, it was a normal day. The best guess I can give is that there was a possibility that I may have hit my head upon the fall, but I was wearing a protective helmet, which side of my body I landed on though, I cannot recall.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Eric,

  Thank you for the additional information. I'm glad to hear that you were wearing a helmet. I feel that there is a rational explanation for the auditory and visual phenomena that you experienced immediately following your fall. I also feel that the fall may be the catalyst to the episodes of precognition that you have had since.

  After thirteen years it is impossible to know the exact reason for your losing your balance while on the bike. It was most likely physiological in nature. That however is not the issue here. When you landed there is every chance that you suffered a mild TBI [traumatic brain injury] in the form of a concussion. This could have resulted from your head hitting the ground. Even if your head did not make contact a whiplash type jolting motion can cause the brain to say hello to the skull, which in the simplest of terms is what a concussion is. Even a seemingly harmless fall or jolt can cause a concussion. Most people do not lose consciousness unless the blow to the head is severe. Since you were awake the events that followed seemed more lucid and real although they were likely all in your brain, and hence your mind. I'll explain...

  Hallucinations can be associated with a concussion as the brain has been injured, albeit in your case mildly, and hallucinations originate in the brain. These hallucinations can include visualizing darkness. Auditory hallucinations are also likely, and these often include voices. Even the feeling of a presence is a common hallucinatory phenomena and is often associated with misfiring neurons in the brains temporal lobe. I am going to go as far as to suggest that it was the right temporal lobe that received the brunt of the jolt as it seems to be the area of the brain that is associated with the types of hallucinations that you endured.

  Even though your initial response can be explained rationally it is harder to explain why you now have precognition, the psychical ability to forecast events. However it is possible that the jolt triggered a dormant ability, in effect releasing it. This is not unheard of. There are psychics and mediums who up until they had a traumatic event in their lives, such as a near death experience or an accident had no idea that they possessed psychic abilities. Therefore there is no reason to doubt that this is what happened to you. The ability may have been released, but you do not seem to have much control over it.

  I would suggest that you start keeping a written account of any thing that you foresee. The reasoning is that you want to document your hits along with your misses. If over the course of a few years you discover that your misses far exceed your hits, then you may only be assuming that you are psychic due to a few lucky guesses or coincidences. To continue then would be futile as you would only be deluding yourself and there are more than enough deluded psychics in existence. However, if you discover that you do seem to be beating the odds then you may wish to study to nurture the ability if you so desire. In any case, do not force it, true talent is never forced. Of course, finish your schooling first. In any endeavor knowledge rules. If you have a talent the following site may be useful to you some day

  Eric, I can not explain the reason that you are seeing the number 7. It could be a type of Jung's 'synchronicity'. It could, and likely is merely coincidence. If it does hold any meaning, it is likely going to be personal and only you will know what it means if there is indeed a meaning. Logically, the chances are that you saw the number 7 a few times coincidentally and then started unconsciously looking for it. Here is an experiment that you can try. Over the next few months look for the color red. You will notice that when you go out of your way to see something how often it comes up. As I say, if there is some meaning to it, you will eventually discover it, anybody else attempting to explain it would only be speculating.

  I hope that I have shed some light on the events that happened to you and what may be causing the events that occur today as a possible result. If you have anymore questions or concerns that you feel that I can help with be sure to write.

  Take care,
Greg Pocha / All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena  

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