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Last night I had a strange awakening.  Let me begin first by telling you that I have seen visions (always during the night in my bedroom) about 8 times during the past 5 years.  I have told very few people.  With the exception of one visit about 3 years ago, I have perhaps been a bit startled by the sight, but never frightened - last night was different.

I was dreaming that the television kept coming on after I shut it with the remote.  I was getting frustrated and frightened.  My husband asked me to hand him the remote, and he would shut it off.  I physically awoke and reached for the remote to hand him and when I did there was a figure lying next to me (my husband is out of town).  I was scared and looked hard to determine if I was really seeing someone.  And I was - a guy with a baseball hat in a flannel shirt and jeans - did not recognize him - He got up from the bed and was standing on the opposite side of me and I yelled to get out…  the form vanished.  Just writing this sounds crazy.  But I did not get a good feeling from him and I am not too happy about this…There was one more thing that I noticed about this, but it seems so silly - I cannot even write it…  

Again, usually I am not bothered by seeing visions.  Not quite sure what to do with it, but I guess I would like to know if there is a way for my to control it...



ANSWER: Hi! Thanks for your question! :)

I'm curious about the visit 3 years ago that frightened you. As well, even if it sounds silly, any tidbit of info might prove to be key to figuring out what was going on. Have you ever played around with astral projection or anything? It's difficult to discern whether your visitor was human or demonic. Not to frighten you unduly. However there are some dark connotations in play.

I may be reading into this, but, the subject of your dream may be a key. This "person", whom you thought was your husband or who portrayed himself in the dream as such, requested that you hand him over the remote "control". Think about that. We will simply call it for now an entity, but it seems that that entity was trying to gain possession or control.

Was he familiar in the slightest?

I also need to know if you have ever dabbled in the occult or witchcraft. Either one may explain your penchant to see these things. Even games like Ouija, tarot cards, psychics, light as a feather, etc.

As well was any of your family involved in any of the above?

Thanks, as much info as possible will best help me frame what's happening better.

God bless,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Adam,

Thanks for your response.

Think I need to clarify a few things. At no time in the dream did the subject portray himself as my husband.  I have failed to mention in the dream my husband was at the foot of the bed.  When I reached for the remote next to me and awoke, I was surprised to see the sight next to me - expecting an empty side of the bed.

Also, the 3 year ago sighting absolutely had nothing to do with this - of this I am sure.  I do not and have never dabbled in the occult or witchcraft!  Nor my family -  Normally, I have a comfort feeling when I see visions.. The reason that I was startled with this last sight was the fact that the subject  had the gull to be in my bed beside me - rather aggressive, but not feeling the demon thing you were suggesting.  More of an aggressive shout for attention…so perhaps the remote 'control' thing was a plea for me to allow my self to let go of my control enough to open myself up to at least try to understand what and why he was present.  What are your thoughts?

Hi. You are quite welcome. I'd like to say unequivocally that there was no insult intended regarding my request for any information clarifying any occult involvement. I'll take you at your word regarding the sighting 3 years ago. And I'm also on a side glad that you have not involved yourself in those things. Very specifically the reason why I asked that was an initial idea was that it could be a live person astral projecting to you or into your bedroom. But generally to have that take place you would have had to have at one point participated in such.
I would simply exercise and abundance of caution. Not to diminish your instinct at all I'd refrain from opening up more to this person. Assuming it is a person. Especially as intent has not been established more than the lack of a alarming feeling. I certainly don't want to offend you by saying you need to be extra careful. Simply there is a spiritual principle at work regarding opening one's self to communicating with whom we can only assume is a passed on human spirit. At best. A familiar spirit is also possible. I do so hope that I did not come across as rude in my first answer. These are basic questions I ask almost everyone. :)

I hope that helps some. Unless you are going to engage in communicating with it should it come back, about the only real thing we can do until more is fleshed out is just wait and see. :)
Please keep me updated by all means!



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