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My family and I moved into our new home one month ago but I seem to always have a feeling here. About ten o'clock every night I hear a door close in the hallway. I go and walk around to see if my husband or one of my children had woken and closed it but nobody ever does. It's just the oddest thing and I wasn't expecting any residual activity in a fairly new house. Am I just being paranoid?

Hi Kristina,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Paranormal Phenomena. I need you to know that despite the All Expert site stating that you asked this on the fifteenth of the month I only just received it in my in box. I am sure that this is a temporary glitch in their system as I was on line and answered it immediately upon receipt... The question is not silly nor are you suffering from "paranoia phenomena". But is it paranormal phenomena?.. Let's explore what this could be. As this is a new residence for you there will be a lot of what we call in the business "house things" you will eventually get use to.  

  The first thing to do is to rule out the possibility that the door itself is off kilter. A level can be used to see if the door or floor slants toward the opening. Use a simple plumb line to see it the door and frame are plumb. If all is fine we can rule that out. It is possible that the weight of someone walking on a floor above or beneath can cause a slight shift in the very framing of the home. That may be enough to effect a door or even slam an old fashion sash window shut. Another cause may be vibrations from passing traffic or even infra sound from a more distant source or from a refrigerator, washing machine or other large appliance. There are phone apps [vibration detectors] that you can download to you phone. Infra sound, which is more prevalent than most think can also be the cause of the feelings of unease that you have. It can cause even the most die hard skeptics to have haunt-like experiences.

  Next you will want to check the routine of the household members when 10 o'clock rolls around. Is there a lot of activity that may cause changes in the air pressure such as bath or bed room doors being opened and closed. Even a door or window that seems far from the door in question can cause pressure changes and drafts if the conditions are right. Fireplaces can also be a culprit causing internal changes in air pressure. Do you have an automated furnace or similar device that circulates air or causes temperature changes that licks on around ten o'clock? If so this could be the cause.

  But Kristina, you sound like a logical person and I'm sure that you have already attempted to rule out natural causes. Lets assume that normal causes have been exhausted. If possible you may wish to film the door from 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM several nights in a row. Most laptops or tablets have that ability. It is possible that residual energy exists, especially if there was cause for the door to be closed at that time, perhaps it was a sick room and the closing door held some psychological significance to a former residence. Perhaps a nursery... I can only speculate here. As you learn the history of the home you will know better.

  It is important that you realize that despite the bad reputation it gets, not all residual energy is bad. Happy people and happy occasions and events also can leave a residual impression in the atmosphere or etheric fabric. Living people can also cause residual activity in the from of psychic phenomena. [I won't get into that here as it is a bit complex]. Without knowing the history it is difficult to determine with any certainty whether the activity is residual or caused by a deceased soul. Again, it is complex but in a nut shell true residual activity has zero change of reacting to the living even if it seems that a human soul is causing it - whereas activity caused by a ghost simply going through a routine may appear residual due to the unchanging repetition BUT interaction would be possible if the ghost so desired [many are content and have no desire to bother with us at all therefore giving the appearance of residual phenomena when they are in fact capable of interaction.] If this is the case, you have nothing to fear. These ghosts are harmless. Some are actually benevolent. But most of these types of content ghosts are merely going about their mundane business. Although they can be annoying they mean no harm and any interaction is accidental and unintentional.

  In either case you may wish to have a simple saging or etheric cleansing performed. It is not that difficult and can be as simple or ceremonious as you wish - usually less is more. Most people do not do this but it should be done in a new home and then every year or so. Residual energy is like dust, it builds up over time and needs to be "vacuumed", so to speak, occasionally. You may also want to protect yourself with the aid of your spirit guides and doorkeepers. No harm in that and I can give you the information if you write to me at
as I do not publish that information on the All Expert site. Just remind me who you are when you request the info. It, like all of our services are free.

  Kristina, I hope that this has shed some light on your situation. Of course if you have any more questions or concerns do not hesitate to get back to me.

Take care,

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