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We bought our house the summer of 2007, It's an older home(1906) that has been completely remodeled and modernized. I have always had a bit of a sense that I'm being watched but nothing menacing, until recently. It started about 6 months ago, My daughter was in her room sleeping and a loud crash shook the whole house at 2 a.m I ran into her room right next to mine and her big mirror was laying in the middle of the floor, It was originally on her dresser with a bunch of books and makeup sitting in front of it, but these items were undisturbed, and the mirror was not broken, it would be impossible for the mirror to get where it was without it being picked up over the books and such and end up 6 foot from the dresser without knocking something off or breaking. Then my husband and I were sitting watching television one night shortly after that and hear a crash in the kitchen, A Corelle bowl had just burst into pieces sitting on a counter top, those bowls are practically indestructible and there was nothing around it, we had just used it for popcorn not 20 minutes earlier, then the thumping and banging started. I am brought to asking for outside help because not an hour ago there was a banging/knocking so loud it woke the entire house. I have never really had a serious paranormal experience but there is absolutely no other explanation for what is happening. There are many other small instances, I have just included the more memorable ones. I don't know if you can tell if something is happening, If it is dangerous. I have considered having my home blessed by a priest but don't know of any that still do those. We are Catholic but not active members of any church and I fear they would look at me like I'm crazy

Dear Melissa,
    I am sorry to hear that you are having some strange things going on at home. All the experiences or incidents you wrote to me can be explained by science and at the same time it is also possible that you are having some paranormal activities. The house is built in 1906 and you had remodeling few years back. so its possible that some wood or something moved a little and shook the house. Now the mirror, since you had books in front of it, it is possible to have the mirror falls and slips on to the floor. you used the bowl for the pop corn, so it is possible that you had some cracks on the bawl.
    These incidents also can happen if there is a spirit or unwanted energy in the house, usually bad. Spirits or energy has the ability to use natural energies such as wind, heat etc... By using these energies they can move light things, make tapping sounds, vibrations etc...But unfortunately i can not explain exactly what is causing these problem unless i inspect the house and surrounding. someone with good experience can take care of this issue, and they must be well qualified because there is a good chance to go things crazy when they trying to get rid off it.
     It will be a good idea to have the house blessed. And you should tell the priest what happened so they can do some special prayers. Priest knows these things even though they don't talk about it much. There is no power exist above God. He will help us to deal with all our situations in life. Have a little prayer every day before bed and read your bible ( don't forget to lite a white candle when you are praying).
    After you have the priest blessed house let me know what is going on. If it is still bothering you I will help you. Be strong.
         God bless you
         Mathew, S  

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