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Paranormal Phenomena/What sort of mental health and behvioral effects can psychic abilities have


You seem like you may be one person who might be able to answer this since you know about parapsychology as well as psychology and sociology. I have a friend of mine who has the ability of precognition. She is able to see the future through dreams and visions. Many of these visions are visions of death sometimes seeing her friends die or herself die. She is able to tell how likely a vision is likely to come true. She also sees casual things as well. Thing is she has fears of commitment, fears of the future of her life, fears of being alone. I am just asking what do you think these abilities would do to how she thinks and acts sometimes? If she can see the future and if her current mental state is not ready for what her future mental state would be ready for do you think its possible she would constantly be changing the future to avoid her fears? I do not mean in death but in more normal things such as she has a fear of entering a relationship with me and in the past she used to see visions of me and her together but then something changed it. What kind of problems might be caused on her mental health and relationships with people by being able to see the future?

Mike, I really can't say. I haven't met her and have no idea what you two are like, together and apart. My guess is that she might be taking some dreams too literally. Dreams are usually symbols. Sometimes they are premonition. But again, they usually weave together many themes. The meaning sometimes doesn't become clear until many years after.

More than one woman had a dream that she and I were married. And at 51 I'm still single! It just goes to show. Don't take dreams too literally. Most of the time they are symbolic.

I hope this helps.

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