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I know someone who has this dark entity of some sort living in her room. Its like a dark haze that is so thick sometimes it can make her not see her own hand in front of her and it has glowing eyes and is capable of making her pass out asleep. She feels as if it goes inside her dreams sometimes even but doesnt directly see it. It recently has moved to somewhere else in the house she thinks but isnt sure where it went to. What is it and do you think it could be dangerous?


Thanks for your question.

This type of shadow manifestation is not unusual and indicates the presence of a negative entity. I am sure you already know that this spirit is in no way human or of a divine nature. This is a serious situation.

I believe the person being followed by this dark spirit has had it for quite a while  - around five years. There was an involvement with unwholesome people that put her in harm's way. It has attached to her.

I suggest you refer to the book:

Clean House, Strong House by Kimberly Daniels for info on this type of infestation.

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