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On 'the other side' do spirits or ghosts exist along with demons? Some TV ghost shows show them contacting dead people as well as demons. Or, are they all really demons?
Some Christians think that when you die you die-until the judgement day when the dead in christ will rise up. Others say you go to hell or heaven. Some say ghosts are in another 'plane' also known as purgatory.
I have been able, both in dreams, and through readings, to contact my parents and a few others that have passed. They gave me info only I would know. But, demons can be pretty smart and can pretend to be spirits?
Thanks for your insights, and Blessing to you!

Hi Barry,

This is how I understand it ..

In the spiritual planes there are many levels .. call that number seven.

The first level is God by whatever form people choose to believe in it.  God is everywhere and in all things, and levels.

2nd level is the angels in various forms.  Some of them can touch the first level, most can't .. the angels can go through all the lower levels.  This one is their 'home'.

3rd level .. the astral plane - humans can go here, and spirits, ghosts, angels, demons & elementals

4th level .. ours - we 'live' here, everything 'visits' here - elementals 'live' here too

5th level .. purgatory - for want of a better description - humans can go here - angels, demons.

6th level .. first level of hell - humans shouldn't go here, but some do but don't generally stay long

7th level .. you don't get much darker than here. - 'home' for demons

There's a difference between spirits and ghosts.  Spirits are humans who have died and crossed into heaven.  Ghosts .. are also people who have died .. but they don't cross into heaven.  They haunted the earth and people.  Angels and demons are not 'spirits', but the word 'spirit' has been made the label for everything that people don't understand, including nature 'spirits' (elementals).  It's also the name used for God, i.e. Holy Spirit.

So, yes, spirits, ghosts, demons and angels can exist on various levels of heaven, and do.  We all have a guardian angel because of this - one that comes into the world with us before we are born, and walks us into the face of God when we die.  They can't always save us, but they do protect our spirit.

The majority of TV ghost programs I have seen are a load of rubbish.  Living people, ordinary folk like you and me, can talk to spirits, angels, ghosts, elementals and demons .. stay away from demons.  

And no, everything is NOT demons regardless of what the Christians teach.  There are 'spirits' .. good spirits .. in the bible too.  They are not even hard to find, but people just love to be frightened .. or ministers like to frighten the 'flock' to keep them in line.  I've been to churches like that.

I was listening to a tv evangalist the other day .. knowing that the bible says that christians lie in the ground awaiting the second coming, and she was saying how people, when they die, are 'with God' .. living with God, etc etc .. usual stuff .. totally in contradiction with the Good Book she had in her hand.  Truth is, the spirits of 'saints', as one translation says, rose up when Jesus was resurrected and 'walked among the people'.  I often wonder if God tapped them on the shoulder, in their graves (of over 1000 years before in one case .. hmm.. what about Jesus on the mount with the spirits of Moses and Enoch .. they were supposed to be 'sleeping awaiting judgment too' .. if we take the Book as gospel) and say 'wake up for a minute for me and go and walk among the people'.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Bible, I just know that it was created over thousands of years, from lots of myths and legends from lots of different cultures.

Ghosts are not in purgatory.  Purgatory is a place of waiting and punishment .. ok, maybe its like purgatory, because ghosts are usually miserable, angry, frightened, agressive, bad mannered, demanding, hungry, jealous, drunk, stoned .. all the negative things living human beings are until they let go of the pain that creates all of that and truly become themselves again.  I wouldn't want to be stuck like that when Love awaits us through a door that opens, and remains open, until we cross through.

There is a place called the void .. think of it as level 4 .. where all sorts of entities exist .. many of them not friendly to humans, but we go there too, when we astral travel.  That's normal.

As to going straight to hell or heaven .. well, according to the bible, first you have a nap, then, after the 2nd coming you'll go to one of the two places.  Given that most of humanity either doesn't obey the 10 commandments, or doesn't even know about them - and so is condemned to hell anyway, I figure heaven is going to be pretty empty.

Yes, demons can be very smart .. or a better description is 'very clever' .. don't always have to be smart.  They will twist you in knots, they will lie incredibly well, so well that you are not sure why you are uncomfortable with the information they are giving you .. but you are .. and if you feel that sense of discomfort, regardless of the 'facts' or 'truths' you know of in what they are saying .. ignore it all, discount it and don't believe in it .. just to be on the safe side.  Not kidding.  They lie better than anyone.  And they have very long memories.

So yes, demons will pretend to be someone that you love or loved, and tell you things that only you and that person could know.  You can't see them when they stalk you, but they exist, and they see things happen - but they can't read your thoughts, unless you give them permission to .. but they can read your aura (energy field around your body).  All your memories and emotions are 'written' there.  Living people can do that too.  I like energy shields for keeping stuff like that out of the house, and the Michael Invocation for clearing energy if I think there's something nasty around.  Better to be safe than sorry.  

Thanks for the questions,
Love & Peace

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