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From young I have grown up always feeling like something is missing in my life. An odd thing to feel especially for a young girl. Anyway, I used to have very bad dreams as a child some so vivid, but they were always discarded as 'just a bad dream'. I was 5 when I was playing hide and seek with older family members at around dusk. I looked everywhere for them and decided to go into a washroom to see if they were hiding there. Before I could enter a figure came out, at first I assumed that my family members were trying to scare me. It was not until I looked to the ground that I realised that the figure was floating. I screamed and in doing so everyone came out of their hiding places. To this day no one knows what it was. That incident happened at my aunts house and I never had a good feeling when I was there. The place always had an eerie feel to it.

A few years later I had moved country and had been there a few years. Nothing particularly strange happened but my parents were divorcing and I had a dream the one evening that we were back on a plane to my mums home country. I remembered my dream vividly and told my mum about it. I could describe everything right down to the words. 3 months later we were on a plane doing exactly what I had dreamt.

Many years have now passed and nothing too strange has happened apart from a one off vivid Deja vu where I told my colleagues exactly what they would do or say before it happened. I was just like a deja vu to me but the were freaked out by it.

The past 2 years however I know that this is all not a coincidence. Too much has been happening. I recently lived in an apartment where the one room was constantly cold#even in the hottest summer#admittedly i did think that it had to do with the fact that the apartment was not too far from a cemetery. I would leave in the morning only to return to find the bathroom light on. Everyday I would make sure that I switched it off before leaving so that I was certain that I had not left anything on. But upon coming of the rooms had the light on. No one had access to this apartment.

One evening I was sleeping and heard very light footsteps come in my room knowing that this was not a person I firmly kept my eyes shut hoping it would go away. The presence stood there for what seemed like eternity then left. This happened two to three times and one night I went to sleep and felt like I was being pulled into an abyss I could feel that same eerie presence, I was hoping that I was dreaming but it continued I couldn't move or even open my mouth to scream#such a frightening experience#. I tried to say a prayer hoping that it would help and upon saying it i stopped falling and things started to return to normal.

Whatever it was did not like male company in the apartment, if I had a friend over i would hear pacing in the kitchen or slight tapping on the fridge. I didn't want to feel fear so I would just tell it to 'pipe down' or if I came home and found the light on I would shout 'I'm home' just to lighten the mood.

One evening though I went to bed and woke up thirsty, so thirsty that it felt like i had been to the desert and not had water in days. I barely managed to make it to the bathroom and sat in the bath with the shower on. once enough water penetrated my skin i put the plug in the bath cause the shower was attached to the bath. After being in the bath half an hour I decided to get out, I stepped out of the bath and blacked out, I woke up at the entrance to the door of the second room which was always so cold. I had carpet burns on my neck and chin and my head and body was bruised. On my arms I had bruises which looked like finger marks. I cannot explain what happened there is no logical explanation. There was even a moving orb which was caught on a phone camera in my apartment.

It is weird, I know something is not right at the moment. I have moved and still things are not right. I get strange feelings, unexplainable dreams# I wake up with names of specific people I met in my dream# I have no idea who they are and when I google them they are prominent people who have died, but there would be no way of me having come across their names at any point in my life. I've moved from my last apartment and recently I got home to find all my tinned food sprawled across the floor, most say this is easily explained but my tinned goods were at the back of the cupboard and if they had fallen they would have certainly taken some of the light stuff with them during their fall, wrong!! The light stuff was still packed neatly in the cupboard. I had been feeling unusually emotional and had my great grandmother on my mind for the past few months. She passed away years ago and we were close,I do think of her from time to time but not like this, its almost as if she is here, I feel something is not quite right.

On my way home I tried to take a picture of a funny sign. When I got home wanted to post it on a social network but before I did I noticed two figures in the picture, one dark one and one light one. I went home to take another picture and something cloudy seems to be in the picture of me. The lens is clean so it is not a smudge at all. I have also had hand marks and lip marks on my mirrors, I clean them and the next day they're back. It happens for a while and then stops for a while. It all seems so far fetched I know but these things have happened.

I need to know what this is, is something trying to tell me something and warn me? How do I know what to do? Do i have some sort of ability or concoction with the spiritual world and how do I strengthen it to see if I can communicate?? I just don't know what to make of it what if it is an important warning??? Please help!

Hi Natasha,

Two things to start with:  

That first webpage has an Invocation you can use in two ways.  Start by clearing your own energy, then change it (instructions are there) to clear your home.  

That site has two energy shields on it.  They work.  Learn them and use them both, to give you a little peace.

I live in the 'weird' world.  That's where all the ghosts are, the spirits, angels, demons, shadow people and elementals .. they inhabit my house from time to time, not really bugging me, but when they bother my husband .. I use the Invocation to clear them out.  Ghosts I don't let hang around .. they have a habit of 'taking' too much from the living, including your energy.  I understand about waking up 'dry' and needing a good long soak under the shower .. water is life, and emotion, and sometimes they can be wrenched from you too.  Which is why the shields are important, to stop it happening.

Your visitors, different ones in different houses, sound like ghosts to me.  Nothing you've written makes me think otherwise.  Things like your great grandmother hanging around .. might be because something is happening in your family, or to you, that is worrying her.  Have you stopped and asked her questions?  Perhaps ask her specifically to come into your dreams and have a chat?  Otherwise, if she's a ghost, and not just a visiting spirit, the Invocation will help her find peace, and give you some peace of mind.

The dreams are called precognitive (it means knowing something is going to happen before it does).  Sometimes they are helpful, sometimes they are fact, and sometimes they are simply a possible future .. and so don't play out the way you dreamed it.  

Taking photos of ghosts and other entities .. digital cameras have been such a boon.  We can 'see' all sorts of things now that don't appear to our 'eyes'.  And don't worry about orbs .. they have always been positive energy to me, their opposite energy is not a perfect circle.

Ghosts want our attention, they want to be remembered as who they were when they were alive, and they also use human energy for meals .. which is why its best not to let them hang around.  You might always be sensitive to ghosts, or attract them.  I know I just 'love' haunted houses.  I am drawn to them like a magnet.  I know this of myself, so any house I fall in love with, I also empty out of anything ghostly inside it.  I don't go in the house, I do it from the street, or through photographs people send me.  If I love the house afterwards, that's ok too, but often I find I lose interest in it then .. my role is that of 'spirit rescuer' .. because a ghost is a spirit who is stuck between heaven and earth, and really does need to be 'rescued'.  It's an awful way to exist.

Use the shields.  The personal ones will stop ghosts from latching onto your energy and upsetting your emotions, not to mention draining you dry of energy.  The house ones, keep the spooks outside the house.  (I call ghosts 'spooks' because the word means 'to startle' and they used to scare the hell out of me when I was a small child).  I still startle easily now. LOL

You'll be fine.  You just needed some simple techniques to give you a bit of peace.  You are a medium (you could perhaps talk to ghosts or spirits, but unless there's a good reason, I don't recommend it), you could be a Spirit Rescuer .. I don't talk to ghosts much, Natasha, truthfully, they don't have much they can tell us .. I just cross them into heaven.

"Archangel Michael, please Find the ghost that is standing next to my bed and Take it into healing".

It's a simple enough request.  The 'find' allows the angel to put their hand gently on the ghost's shoulder and say 'hey mate, natasha says I can see you - time to go Home' .. and the 'take' allows the angel to hang on and chat while they escort the lost soul Home (heaven).  They go into a healing place and find love and safety, peace and .. healing.  Sometimes they come back and say thank you, which is nice.

Don't fret.  You are amazing, and not alone.  The world is full of mediums now.

Love & Peace

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