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We bought our house the summer of 2007, It's an older home(1906) that has been completely remodeled and modernized. I have always had a bit of a sense that I'm being watched but nothing menacing, until recently. It started about 6 months ago, My daughter was in her room sleeping and a loud crash shook the whole house at 2 a.m I ran into her room right next to mine and her big mirror was laying in the middle of the floor, It was originally on her dresser with a bunch of books and makeup sitting in front of it, but these items were undisturbed, and the mirror was not broken, it would be impossible for the mirror to get where it was without it being picked up over the books and such and end up 6 foot from the dresser without knocking something off or breaking. Then my husband and I were sitting watching television one night shortly after that and hear a crash in the kitchen, A Corelle bowl had just burst into pieces sitting on a counter top, those bowls are practically indestructible and there was nothing around it, we had just used it for popcorn not 20 minutes earlier, then the thumping and banging started. I am brought to asking for outside help because not an hour ago there was a banging/knocking so loud it woke the entire house. I have never really had a serious paranormal experience but there is absolutely no other explanation for what is happening. There are many other small instances, I have just included the more memorable ones. I don't know if you can tell if something is happening, If it is dangerous. I have considered having my home blessed by a priest but don't know of any that still do those. We are Catholic but not active members of any church and I fear they would look at me like I'm crazy if I just walk in and tell them I think my home is haunted

Hello and thank you for writing, it is hard for me to say for sure if you are experiencing paranormal activity or not. It could be domino type coincidences with the bowl and the mirror, but as i said hard to say.

As far as dangerous, as I have stated to many people, I have been researching the paranormal for many years and have never came across anyone who has been injured by a spirit, except maybe if they were startled and tripped. Spirits will not hurt anyone as I have not one documented case of such, TV shows typically will make it seem that people are being hurt, but that is just for ratings, so maybe that will put you at a bit of ease.

If you are Catholic, it may help to have your house blessed. You do not need to tell them of the activity, just simply asked to have the house blessed, they do home blessings all the time. This may help and has helped many people with their "spirit" problems.

To get true answers you may need to have your house investigated by a paranormal team. They may be able to get you some real answers. I can always recommend a group to you in your area as well. Just let me know in a private response your town and I can send you info to a local trusted research team that would do it for free.

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