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Paranormal Phenomena/just want to know what i'am experienced?


when i was 16 my brother and i got a car accident. I felt a near death experience.That all of my memories flashes back and turned out into full bright light field,where i felt that i was just an air floating. And people thought that i was dead,because i didn't breath for 5mins and after that i wake up breathing normally. I spent my whole week in the hospital. But when i got older i experience something that is so different. I am seeing strange shadow,white myst, and felt the scariest of all " seeing a blurry human figure floating and all i can see is the face like a an angry facial emotion and eyes are big and red. Before iam seeing that thing the blurry figure myst, i was asleep that night.And i felt something walking around my bed that his floot is slipping on the floor for 4x or more walking around and ended on my door. And everytime i sleep at night i always dreaming of a person who is dead already and sometimes a dying person,like my aunt who i never seen her for how many years. And also i always felt  aura's of houses or any establishment,where i felt heaviness,weakness,and sometimes feeling puke, sweating with cold clammy skin. I experience those feeling when i sensed something inside houses or old houses with antiques or condominiuoms. Pls help..


Thank you for your patience in waiting for my reply.

You have psychic abilities that you need to learn about and understand how to use. The scary paranormal activity you've had since your near death experience is the natural progression of your particular spiritual growth.

Let me say that your NDE is not responsible for what's happened to you since being in the hospital. The fact that you came back into your body may indicate that you returned to finish something you started here or are meant to start upon return.

All of your paranormal encounters here are even more indicative of your being involved in some way with spiritual work perhaps in the future. In any event you are definitely attracting negative energies. You are also being confused by all the different experiences you're having. You're psychic abilities are open but not controlled by you. It makes you susceptible to unwholesome spirits that will manipulate your fears and generate false illusions of what may be around you.

You definitely need to get a handle on your abilities and repel negative interference around you. God gave everyone spiritual sensitivities and skills to warn us of dangers and to help others.

There is a singular entity that's been around you for about four years. There may be a lineal connection with this entity to another member of your family, perhaps your father. This type of attachment may follow a branch of the family tree through generations or just have found vulnerabilities in another family member and you. A lot of what you've experienced is the work of one spirit.

I suggest the following books to help you understand how to manage your psychic gifts and how to be aware of negative entity tricks. Prayer, faith and allying yourself to Divine sources is crucial for your protection and your ability to remove any invading spirits around you. You have the total power to make their tactics useless if you learn how to identify their presence as early as possible and repel them through calm, fearless faith via a movement towards God.

Don't focus on the evil. Focus on your faith and prayer. Getting you focused on them is a distraction that distances you from the Heavenly realm which is your greatest source of backup and defense. They are nothing but scavengers hiding in the dark who skulk around the perimeters of our lives looking for holes in our armor.

Don't buy into emotional, psychological and physical terrorism. Know you are protected by God if you believe it and want it through a daily personal relationship with Him. This is not about church or religion, but your heart communing intimately with the Divine.

The books are:

Divine Guidance - Doreen Virtue
Trust Your Vibes - Sonia Choquette
Clean House, Strong House - KImberly Daniels
School of the Supernatural - Ryan Wyatt


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