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I have had a ghost problem in my condo since I moved in about 3 years ago.  Pretty much all they do is shake my bed. I got the bright idea to start filming myself sleeping to see if I could catch the shaking of the bed on film - while I couldn't (even though it shakes like someone is having a seizure) I did catch dozens of orbs, definitely not dust by their size, pulsating light and flight patterns, things seemingly trying to become apparations and voices.  It was the voices that really got me.  I started sleeping with the light and tv on - until one night about 9 days into it when the 3 outlets I use for the light, tv and cable box suddenly didn't work for no reason. The electrician said it was weird - just a loose wire behind the wall.  I had a psychic medium here and she said that she they are connected to the furniture.  I rented the place furnished as I just moved to Florida and it is obviously pretty crappy furniture either bought in bulk at an estate sale or Good Will or something.  I am not sure I buy into that, but they are definitely still here.  I burn sage every night before bed and ask them to leave, both nicely and not so niceley.  There have been nights where I can literally feel a body crawling on the bed along with the shaking. I have had no family members or close friends die in almost 20 years - and this building is about 6  years old. And by the way - my computer inexplicably turned off in the middle of me writing this and I had to go all the way back on and start over.  I am typing fast - just in case - pardon the typos.  Is there anyway I can get rid of them once and for all?  I just don't want people in my house - and I don't want to be the crazy girl in that condo.  What can I do by myself, if anything?  Thanks.

Hi Deb,

Thanks for writing during the busy Holidays.

I believe that you have an inherited negative spirit in your condo. It was there when you came into the complex and has nothing to do with the furniture.

It was attached to a previous owner - a male before you - and has stayed in the same territory.

I think you're also hearing unexplained noises, being touched, door play and suffering some depression. You are being affected on many levels. This is not a wholesome situation because this is not a ghost. It's something more serious with an intent to scare and cause lack of sleep issues to wear you down physically.

First, I recommend that you read the following book Clean House, Strong House by Kimberly Daniels. This will give you a great overview of what you're dealing with and how to be in control of your home on a spiritual level.

Second, you really need to lean on some divine backup to protect you against this constant invisible assault. Sageing removes nothing. It simply neutralizes oppressive energies caused by negative emotions, events or entities for a few hours.

You need to fight back with prayer, faith and fearless confidence. You also have to be calm and resolute that what is there is not allowed to remain. The use of confrontation or provocation to force it out won't work. It's your belief in Light always winning against dark that steels you and your belief in help from God to protect you.

I suggest the following book to tap into this divine connection: Divine Guidance by Doreen Virtue.

Knowledge is crucial so you understand the rules of spiritual engagements with sentient energies you can't otherwise control or easily resist. You're going to be all right if you educate yourself a bit. If you have a religious background, use it now. If not, start considering to develop some ties to something divine, good, supernatural and bigger than yourself. Ask for angelic reinforcements or a direct and personal relationship with God. This isn't about religion but spiritual soul commitment to Light.

Hope this helps.

Merry Christmas,

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