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This morning (December 4th) at 12:05 a.m. my mom received a missed phone call from my twin sister and didn't see it till later. She waited till she knew my sister would be awake and called her back, my sister informed her that she never called her. So my mom looked again at the missed phone call and the time stamp was 2:36 a.m. December 13, 2013. My mom wasn't sure how that was possible so she called Verizon and asked. They told her that they didn't know how that happened and had no answers for her. My mom is now really freaked out and is really worried that something bad is going to happen on December 13th, and it really creeps her out that it happens to be Friday the 13th. I am trying to think logically about this but cant find an answer. Can you please help me come up with an explanation to tell my Mom so she stops worrying.

I wish I could Molly. I can offer possible solutions. One, the phone could have been hacked and someone is playing a trick. Its not that tough to alter dates and data now days. Also, it could be a paranormal event, although I would not rush to that conclusion yet. Another possible explanation is a Verizon emplyee having a bit of a lark. Also very easy to do. hey can send info to any verizon cell phone. I would say, that it is most likely some joke or equipment burp. Hoever, predence also tells me to be prepared for Friday the 13th just in case!

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