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QUESTION: hi I was 9 when I saw a black figure walk into me and my brothers bedroom and move the bunk bed ladder to the other side of the wall and pulled at my sheets. The figure had a round head and there was no sound made when it came and went. The second and last time was when the bunk beds were separated and the black figure came into the bedroom fell on my bed and disappeared. I have never seen this figure since and I am now 45 and have always wondered what it was as no one ever believed me but I remember every single detail to this day. Also my brother woke up in the morning and said who moved my ladder and I told him what had happened. Could you answer please.

ANSWER: Sounds like a spirit. I'm not sure why there are black and white spirits, but some psychics describe them as what gets left behind when ghosts pass over to become pure spirits. Maybe you had something still trying to make itself known and was doing what it could to get noticed. I guess if ghosts get excited when they're discovered that they can disappear when they feel no one sees them.

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QUESTION: I wrote to an expert in the UK and he said that black figured spirit are from a very long time ago and as the house was built on a wood, the place being Chelmsley Wood it was probably disturbed when the house was built and was trying to find its way back. Even thou I have seen this spirit I am still sceptical about ghosts and spirits. What do you think about his answer his name is Derek acora and has his own TV series in the united kingdom. Thanks rick

ANSWER: I don't know Derek personally but I am aware of him being controversial since he was accused of faked readings on "Most Haunted," and I mostly try to give psychics the benefit of the doubt. One theory about black shadows is that that derive from energies in the Earth so that would make them possible of living long periods. Elementals and Banshees are also believed based in inherent Earth energies. I'm not conscious of Chelmsley Wood being haunted, but I do try to keep aware of haunted locations in England. Let me know if you have further questions -

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply I also found Derek a bit unbelievable and that's why I was seeking another possible theory, your answer was interesting but I have to ask another question also. My mom said that when we were young she messed about on a Ouija board and the experience left her traumatized and would not say what it was even to this day, but have always wondered did she invite this figure unknowingly into our house because she always brushed it off when the black figure was mentioned and always said I had lots of bad dreams, but this was no dream. I even named him roundhead because the head was round. What is your theory on this thank you rick.

It's possible. I've heard several psychics confirm that using a ouija is like opening a window that goes two ways; if you don't know what you're doing you can get something that can slip through. It's like a flare gun for spirits. I believe demons are negative energy and that cause negative results on the probabliity scale, what people call "bad luck," and they can link into one's health and well-being.

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