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Hello Christine,
Thanks in advance for taking my question.
First, I just want to give a little background into the situation. I usually hear ghost/spirits in my home (and elsewhere). It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen enough.

Lately, some of my dreams have begun to include a man and woman, both in their forties, and they always show up together in my dreams which take place in my house.
I am first owner of the house. In the dreams, the man and woman rarely speak directly to me, most of the time; I just overhear what they are telling each other.

The last dream I had of them was about two weeks ago. They were in the house and my husband was there too. I was in the bedroom reading. I could hear the man and woman talking in another room but I wasn't focusing on what they were saying. My husband came into the bedroom and plopped down on the bed and told me "The woman says I'm a conduit." Then he chuckled. I looked at him because I didn't even know he was aware that they were in the house and much less, that he had spoken with them. I asked him "Can you hear them speaking now?" and he said he couldn't.
My husband has only had two paranormal experiences in his life. One was when he was a teenager and the other was about a year ago when he heard a voice speak aloud in our house. I have had experiences my whole life and in every place I have lived.
I would like some insight into this dream. What exactly does a conduit mean in the context of this dream?

Hi Laura,

You have some good psychic abilities and the fact that you have had a lot of paranormal experiences in your life but can't identify what's happening is a sign that you're in foreign waters with the presences in your home. This is a red flag for me. There is another more telling problem you mention that really concerns me about your situation.

The fact that your husband has been told "He's a conduit" directly is a sign of dark entity involvement. I don't want to scare you, but educate you with knowledge that will empower you both in this situation.

The word conduit means means to be a pathway or channel for the transfer of one thing to another. Usually a conduit is the physical application of moving water or electric cables from one area to another. On a spiritual level a conduit describes the spiritual communication of thoughts and attitudes - through telepathy and projection - to human minds. It is a common term used to describe demonic interference in our lives.

Dark entity interference has one goal. That's to infest, oppress, obsess, and possess humans through spiritual blindness, ignorance and deceit about God's will for each and everyone of us.

Your husband was being directly contacted and told he's a target for attack. You had no idea that he knew something was even in the house or that he could hear them and he seems to have laughed it off. That means he's being complacent about these spirits which in turn is a silent invitation for their influence upon him.

This is no laughing matter. I think your husband has been having issues for quite a while with this problem and may inadvertently have attracted the entities via people he knows for many years.

I can tell you there are no ghosts in your home despite what's been projected for you to see in dreams and to hear audibly while awake. There is no man or woman there. You are being deceived.

Knowing this, you must now take calm control of this situation. You both need to discuss this seriously and take steps to halt any escalation of activity or interference in your home. If you have strong religious affiliations with prayer, please use it now.

If I can be of further help, please contact me through


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