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Why are people afraid of the dark? Which psychological factors are present in people who are afraid of the dark? Is it all just over-active imagination.

Wow. That is a multifaceted question indeed! :)

Why people are afraid of the dark is as diversified as as many people who are. However as a general statement I would say that from a psychological standpoint it has to do with the unknown. We are dependent upon our 5 senses in everything we do. However sight and touch are two of the most essential of the 5 in our day to day life. Not taking away anything from hearing mind you. It is simply that touch is necessary to alert us to pain factors which indicate we should remove ourselves from a particular situation or alert us to the need for medical attention. Such as if you were deaf, and you got shot say from behind, without the sensation of touch and therefore pain, the fact that you have been shot may elude you. Thus a critical factor.

As with the eyes, it is the eyes that we measure our surroundings by on a cognitive level. We as humans have an innate sense of fear of the unknown. To be comfortable we have to maintain a semblance of exercising control of our surroundings. We can move to avoid hazards and obstacles. Things like that. It is a bit psychologically traumatic to those who are not accustom to being in it, to be thrust into the dark. Especially if it is in unknown surroundings. In a sense if your sense of sight has been removed from you which is of the same effect in darkness, you have essentially handicapped not only a critical sense on the physical level but also a critical psychological factor.

Also, from a psychological standpoint it may be that the person who has an illogical or irrational fear of the dark may simply have not dealt with childhood fears and thus they are still present. Other times it could be trauma based. Something may have happened to them in the dark. That can be another factor present.

It's not all psychological however. There is a spiritual factor at work also. Evil abounds in physical darkness more than in light. There are entities that exist outside the physical plane that thrive at night. They like secrecy and stealth and darkness gives them favorable conditions in which to operate. SOME people may actually be able to feel the presence of these entities that the masses are unaware of. And when a person sense there is danger present, the feeling of panic is compounded by the fact that you cannot see what is threatening you.

No doubt that there is much more detailed facets of this to expound on but for the sake of brevity I do hope I have answered to your satisfaction. Thank you for your question and allowing me to answer. Regards-

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