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Paranormal Phenomena/Death of multiple cats within year


Let me start by saying I have worked in the veterinary field for years.  Nothing like this has ever happened to me or anyone I know. My animals are family.
We moved into our house 4 yrs ago.
This past year we decided to adopt a cat.  We already had a dog.  Within one month the cat fell from our dresser mirror and died. The vet said internal injuries.  So we wait a month and adopt another.  In 3 months he dies getting stuck between our headboard and bed frame.
My mother got the girls a kitten for their birthday after 4 months.  I was scared and confused.  Then 4 weeks after spay, she is found dying in her litter box.  I rush her to the vet and she dies there.  The vet says blood clotting issue from her spay.
I am sick, heartbroken and confused.  3 cats in a year, all young and full of love and life.
My dog is 6 and in perfect health.   There has to be something. There's no negativity going on besides these 3 horrible events.

Hello Danielle,

Thanks for writing. I'm glad you did. I have worked in the veterinary field and also have a staff member who is a veterinarian/intuitive so your question has been discussed between us to verify one another's conclusion.

Of course it's possible that the death of your cats is a horrible coincidence. However, given the similar time frames of their demise after entering your home and the fact that they died or incurred a moribund problem there, it seems odd. The professional diagnoses are also all generalized terms not defining a specific medical condition or illness. I can understand your pain and confusion.

If the children are not involved in these circumstances either through accident or foreknowledge of what "really" might have happened to the cats, then this is a concerning situation.

The fact that the dog is fine is also interesting. Unless the dog is responsible for harassing or playfully rough housing with the cats and things have somehow gotten out of control to precipitate these events in some way, I don't have a logical explanation for the deaths. Cats are fully able to protect themselves and to avoid damage from falls, tight places, and pursuing animals.

I suspect by your query to me that you have other reasons for suspecting paranormal activity in your home. Manifestations of negativity are often subtle and insidious until a family has reached a stage of total chaos in the household. Then the manifestations escalate and the type of activity changes to another form of harassment. The target of the attacks will also change to keep everyone on edge.

Have your children experienced anything out of the ordinary? I believe they have seen and heard something.

I don't believe that your cats have died under normal circumstances and you may have an inherited problem stemming from this house.

I suggest you contact me off the board at either by phone or e-mail to discuss this further if you'd like to.


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