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QUESTION: I have this vivid dream about a person I've never met before. In the dream every interaction that happens feels real. It's like I'm using my five scenes in the dream. When I wake up the feel of the dream still lingers. Do you know what it means?

ANSWER: Hi Elizabeth,

It means you are lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreams feel as though you are awake in the dream, everything is very vivid, and often you become aware that you are dreaming.  You can take control of the dream as well, in some cases.

Here's some information about the subject.

The memory of the dream, because it involved so many of your 'senses' can linger for far longer than a normal dream does.  

If a dream repeats itself, or a person appears in more than one dream, there might be a message there, but I would have to know the content of the dreams to be able to determine that.

Love & Peace

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I've had three lucid dreams so far all of which with the same person but with different settings for each. The first lucid dream was when I first encountered him just by running into his. The second is when we're more acquainted, close even. The third I had sexual intercourse with him. All the interactions I had in all three felt real to me.

Hello again,

Does the man represent your idea 'model', your perfect partner?  Your mind could be telling you what your heart is wishing?

He could be an astral traveller you meet, while you are also out of your body.  We all do this when we are asleep.  Perhaps you are suddenly more aware of your dream life for some reason?

He could be some other entity, not all of them are friendly, some like to have sex with humans.

What do you want to do about it?  You could wait to see if the dream repeats, or you could clear your energy with this Invocation  so if you are being haunted, the entity will be removed.

And then I recommend house shields.  You'll find them on this webpage  

Keep the links if you want to continue with the dreaming.  As long as you don't wake up totally exhausted, or become obsessed with sex, because of the 'dreams', it might just be the first .. your heart trying to give a message to your head.

The other thought is .. are you having precognitive dreams .. in other words, the man might be in your future, literally.  But don't wait around in hopes that's the answer, if you are searching for a loving relationship.  Unless you already have other precognitive dreams, or feelings about things .. or he arrives very rapidly .. but that leads to another question .. how long have you been having these dreams for?  If they are wide spaced apart, its unlikely its a vision of the future.

Love & Peace

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