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I am concerned for my niece.  She has become severely depressed and now moving towards eating and self abusive disorders.  She is seeking professional help but I can't help but think the things she tells me that happen to her in her room bight be plaguing her as well.  She mentioned that she used to see a man with no face at night that would tell her things that were going on in her life or things that were going to happen soon.  She didn't feel threatened by him.  Then once she mentioned she woke up to her cat hissing and an evil man with pointed teeth smiling at her saying he was her guardian angel.  Everytime I mention this I get the shivers, she mentioned she never see's the fuzzy man anymore after this and now she has dreams where she sees herself dying and can step out of her body and watch herself when she dreams.
I am wondering if there is a way to do a cleanse to help clear her room of any negative energies, I feel like she is being tormented by them right now.

Hello Jen,

Thank you for writing. There is a negative energy with your niece. I feel it's somehow related to a maternal figure, perhaps her mother. This has been going on for around 27 months with something attached to your niece through TRANSFER - where an entity simply jumps from one person to another because of the new person's vulnerability factor.

Clearing her room will not solve this problem, though burning sage will neutralize the oppressive atmosphere in her sleeping space where she is victimized the most during dream states and isolation.

Can you contact me privately off the board to discuss this? There are things that can be done to eliminate this problem if I have a bit more personal information.

Please go to and get my phone number. Otherwise, please seek counsel in your local area. There is a serious situation happening that can be resolved with the right person helping.


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