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QUESTION: My first conscious memory is of entering my body. It seemed like I blinked on and floated in pitch black with adult intelligence. By that I mean I was aware I existed. It could have been ten minutes or 100 years. Time didn't mean much. Suddenly, I was staring down into a room at the back of a child's blond head. I didn't know it was a child, and my focus was like a predator. The child went stiff and turned toward me, staring with huge blue eyes open wide. He saw me. Then, I was a lightning bolt streaking into those eyes. Everything went dark for a few seconds, and when I could see, I was that child on the floor playing with a small truck. I saw orange shrimp boiling in a glass pot on the stove. I knew what they were and still had adult awareness. A few moments later all adult intelligence had faded and I was a child with limited knowledge, but I still recalled what happened and understood the memory as I grew older. Later, I figured that to see the child from that angle, I would have been floating outside and above the third story window because we lived on the top floor of a factory. I know we come from somewhere else and there is life beyond this life. I told my mother what I remembered when I was about 14, and she was shocked and told me to never speak of it again. I'm 66 now, and most of my life under no control of my own, I've seen ghosts and had physical contact, premonitions, out of body experiences, can spot evil people and places, and have had spirits in every place I've lived. I have no control over when these occur. I guess my question is why do I remember entering my body and does it have anything to do with my ability to experience weird events? Most people react like I'm nuts and have no idea how someone can remember entering their body.

ANSWER: Hello Dennis,

Great memories.  :-)  I have a question.  Are you schizophrenic?  I ask this because the body you inhabit turned towards you before you entered it.  Now, either it was your body, and should really have been asleep, or it was someone else's that you 'walked into'.  I'm more inf favour of that concept.  My father was a 'walk-in' .. or a walk-out actually.  He left his body and other spirits inhabited it for many years, which led to a great deal of confusion for us.  He did it as an adult, the first time when I was about 7 or 8.  At least you came into your body at a very early age, if you did walk in .. and the spirit of the person leaves willingly, in most cases.  They basically swap places.

Yes, we forget our true spiritual age when we begin a new life.  That's normal.  Mind you, there are some very wise children now, as if their core knowledge, gained from many lifetimes, is available to them by the age of about three.  It's wonderful.  They are the hope of the future.

I am not sure what you mean by 'most of my life under no control of my own'?  

Your description of yourself sounds like mine of me.  I learned to accept that I am unusual, simply to survive, then I learned to enjoy my gifts when it made me realise that I could actually help the 'people' I saw, and have discussions with so many other types of entities, such as elementals ..

Why do you remember entering your body?  Because you choose to.  It's important to who you are today.  And no, the memory doesn't have anything to do with your gifts.  As spirit beings we all have gifts, but to utilize them while in our bodies, I believe we have to have the 'wiring' in our brains that allow us to connect to them.  A memory of coming into your body reminds you that you are unusual, which will either make you feel wonderful, or awkward, but the truth is, Dennis .. everyone else does it too (spirit enters the body just after birth), and plenty of other people have memories of entering their bodies, even in the womb.  

Do a little research on the internet on 'walk-ins'.  Because you did it as such a small child the body you have won't have developed a lot of memories for you to access, but when you do this as an adult .. can you imagine the confusion .. one lady came to see my in my healing centre just after she 'walked-in' to the body she was wearing.  We talked about the concepts for over an hour before she asked if she could get her 'mother', who was sitting in the mall downstairs, and have me explain it to her.  Her daughter, the one she remembed, no longer existed, and a whole new person was wearing her daughter's body.  It took the walk-in lady many years, because her body was about 30 at the time, to 'integrate' herself within her new body, and after that the 'walk-in' memory gently faded into the background, but she didn't truly forget.  It is now simply a part of who she is.

There are good reasons why we do this .. perhaps the spirit of the child was not strong enough to hold on to the body, or perhaps the two of you had made an agreement to swap, after you finished something in spirit, or they finished off something from another lifetime, in a very short space of time they had in that body.  Usually the child would die, sometimes for 'unknown' reasons, but perhaps you guys decided that this child's body would be perfect for both of you ...?  I can't know your decisions.  Perhaps, if you meditate, you could sit down and 'ask yourself why'?

Are you crazy .. no, not in this instance.  Unusual things happen all the time, you are one of them.  :-)  Enjoy.

Love & Peace
p.s. you might benefit from reading my webpages .. Victorian Paranormal Connection section .. has stuff on psychic protection, to keep the spooks at bay.  You are welcome to ask questions from there too.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I don't really have another question, but I wanted to thank you for answering my question, and it makes me feel better knowing someone knows what happened to me. I'm not schizophrenic, and I've never taken any drugs at all except for blood pressure later in life. I do have PTSD from combat in Vietnam. By no control I mean that things happen without my making them happen. I have no control over when they happen (premonitions, seeing or feeling ghosts, objects turning toward me, physical contact, like being poked or slapped by something.) I never dream of people I know. They are always strangers in strange places. It's all pretty bizarre. The only thing I've ever done on purpose was astral projection. Every place I've lived has had spirit activity. In my current house, I watched something I couldn't see rip down my Christmas tree one year. However, I have helped thousands of veterans with their PTSD and have published a print newsletter, The S-2 Report, for twenty years. I could go on and on. I'm also a writer with seven books published by small publishers over the years. Just want to thank you and I will check out your website and contact you again if that's okay, if I have other questions. Yours truly.
Dennis Latham

Hi Dennis,

Lovely to meet you.  :-)  Write to me from my site, we can swap stories. LOL  I've been 'spooked' all my life.  Some of it was fun, some definitely wasn't.  It's all been amazing.

Hmm.. I am not a fan of Xmas either, but destroying a tree??  I want to know the rest of that story.

Most people can't control their psychic gifts.  I developed a sort-of 'on/off' switch, starting as a child, or thought I did .. mostly I think I just ignored stuff better.  :-)

Is the S2 Report online?

Talk to you on the outside .. of this box.  :-)

Love & Peace

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