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Hello I have done something terribly wrong today.I study properties of herbs. A friend on a local chat room asked for a herb that would bring evil spirits. I told how to use it correctly and incorrectly. She claims she used it incorrectly. In order to ensure that this energy does not reach her family and if it already had how to exspell them from a cross the country. Do you know a prayer for them?

The spirits/energy is evil

If all they did was use an herb mix in some fashion, I think that negating the effect could be done in a similar way - just have her smolder some sage and cedar and carry that through the house. Blow the smoke around everywhere, especially wherever she was using the other herb mix, and over the people.  It should cancel the effects of the other mix.  Obviously, get rid of the incorrect mix.

I don't think this is your fault - you're not responsible for the stupid of other people.  All you did is give out information - they chose to use it incorrectly.

If they already have a nasty spirit critter there, it will be a lot more challenging to evict it.  If you are a skilled energy-worker, sometimes you can just create a big ball of energy in the center of their home, and then expand it, until the property is covered by a bubble shield.  The expanding shield will just push the entity right out, and lock it outside.  (I'm a psion, rather than a magick-worker - we do things the easy way, lol).  The individuals in the home should also all be given a personal shield, for at least a week.  The entity will probably give up with no easy pickings in sight.

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