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I had an experience when I was little, and I would like to ask if anyone can help me understand it. We had just moved to a new Air Force base, and I was excited because I got new bunk beds - and I got to sleep on top. There was a window that I could sit on my bed and look out of. One night I was looking out that window, and a square-shaped light appeared in the distance. Out of that light came a bright circular object which flew slowly towards me; I thought it was the moon. When it got to the window, I could hear the glass cracking. I was scared and lay down on my back. It came in through the window and came to rest on my chest. I could feel it. It then floated towards the ground and under the bottom bunk. I went and got my mom and told her that the moon was in my room. She came and looked and told me it was a dream. It happened 3 nights in a row. I know there is a possibility it was a dream - but I remember it so vividly; I physically felt this object. Does anyone have any idea what this was, or what it wanted, or what it meant? Has anyone out there ever experienced anything similar? I know it sounds bizarre, but it has stayed with me for so many years.

Hi Trish,

How many years ago was this?  And yes, it might have been a dream, but let's treat it like it wasn't.

What season was it?  Was it a cold night?  Thinking about the cracking sound of the window there.  Do you remember if you checked to see if it was broken afterwards?

What it wanted .. probably nothing.  Perhaps it was just checking you out by sitting on your chest?  

What it was .. do you know what spirit orbs are?  You can look them up on the internet and see pictures.  For the most part they are a bright ball of light, some with a well defined edge to them, and an 'internal' light source - others are just pale round circles (which we think are created either by a flash reflecting off water vapour, flying bugs or dust).  They appear on digital camera photos, videos, phones, and people can see them in nightvision goggles.  I have never heard of any of them being harmful, but people do describe them as having faces in them (I've seen that myself), so they are an energy form of some sort.  We are not sure exactly what, but I believe that we create them from human energy.

What you saw, given the 'square-shaped light' that appeared beforehand, might have been some sort of alien energyform?  I am not much into aliens myself, although I believe they exist, but I do believe that the elemental world is curious about humans and sometimes they like to check us out.  They too can travel in 'orbs'.

If I had a choice, given the rather sketchy information, I'd go with elemental energy (nature spirits) being curious.

Love & Peace

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