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Are you familar with ways psychics claim they can predict future events? I am particularly curious about ways non-psychics like myself can get some insight. Some psychics swear by dosing, but personally I don't like something I need to physically hold and potentially bias.

James I haven't overlooked this question. But I've been out like a light all weekend with bad stomach flu. Will answer within the next few days. Sorry for the delay. Unavoidable...

James, yes I am familiar with the claims of psychics. I've even lost a few bucks at a storefront psychic once, when I was young and naive. I guess I wanted to know the future and went to the wrong place. Because the only thing she told me, which came true, was "keep your books" (I was wondering if I should continue to do my Ph.D.). She also said, however, that I'd meet the woman I'd marry. And this was about 25 years ago, and I'm still single...

So either that alleged psychic was seeing way into the future or she was just consciously or unconsciously making things up.

My little example raises an important point. This being: How long do we have to wait before we can say a vague prediction (with no definite time frame) is right or wrong?

Keeping that in mind, there are several ways people claim to know the future. One is DIVINATION, where some kind of technique is employed. For more, see

Another kind is PRECOGNITION and its cousin, PREMONITION:

Theologians also talk about REVELATION, or revealed knowledge. This type apparently comes directly from God, the Holy Spirit, or in non-Christian religions, some other deity or deities. Revelation can also come in the form of religious or moral prescriptions. Along these lines, some religions will use the idea of revelation to defend (some might say justify) their institutionalized practices.

As for dowsing, I personally think it's possible but also questionable. I reviewed a DVD about this:

You ask how you, yourself, might gain insight. Personally, I think the best way is to not even try. I suggest you just follow your hunches or gut feelings. If your gut instincts are right, time should tell. Although, as as I say, it could take a long time to find out.

Some suggest that phenomena like REMOTE VIEWING can be developed with proper training. Myself, I think it would depend on the individual. Some might be more predisposed to being actively (as opposed to passively) psychic.

There's also something called SITUATIONAL AWARENESS that is quite interesting. This is sort of like enhanced intuition. Here's a great article on that:

It's a big mystery out there. I hope this helps!  

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