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I have a sister-law that lives in N.H. She has told my wife and myself about what was happening in their house. First she saw a young women from around victorian era in her living room and hall way, this happened many times over month's. than a black cloud like figure, started to show it self. at that time the young women stopped showing herself in the home. On a visit there both my wife and myself saw the black cloud like figure. and on one morning after coming down a staircase I was pushed from behind. Just recently she has told us that she is now hearing voices, and hearing a cat in their living room. they do not own a cat. My brother inlaw is hearing the voices as well. What could this be? and how can they handle whats going on in their home.

Hi Edward, Ed? Whichever you prefer. My initial impressions is that as I generally categorize ghosts as times replay of events recorded in that particular location at a prior time, or, a demon attempting to draw one into establishing communication with it, thereby giving it legal authority to influence that person; I think this may be an exception to the rule.

It seems that this young victorian era woman is possibly being held there by this demon. I guess I put the cart before the horse. Your black fog/shadow figure is a demon. As to how it got there, it's probably something that has been there for ages. But for some reason it's now beginning to show itself. Possibly due to the thinning of the veil between the temporal physical world and the spiritual realm as our Lord draws closer to His return and as satan gets to feeling more and more urgency. I don't know if you notice but it seems as if our society's moral decay is exponential of late.

It may be that this young lady either was possessed by this demon or OPPRESSED by it and upon her death, somehow it kept her from being able to make the crossing. It is keeping the girl from going on. Imprisoning her if you will onto this plane. She needs to be released. To do so though is going to take dealing with this demon. I wouldn't advise to handle it on your own, or your sister-in-law to try to handle it on her own. I don't sense that this thing is attached to HER, rather it is attached to the property. The house. It was probably called up long ago in a spiritism ritual such as a Ouija board that was popular back in the 20s. However it got there it needs to go though. As it seems to be gathering strength.

You probably need to bring in an outside source to handle this. If she's in NH you might email N.E.S.P.R., they are in Connecticut. That group was founded by Ed and Lorraine Warren who worked the Amityville case. Believe they are in Bridgeport.

It might be difficult as demons attached to locations have a tendency to be more resilient than those attached or possessing a person. But I'm afraid the problem is going to get worse and not better if it is not dealt with. And, they both deserve rest from this thing. Both the lady seemingly trapped and your sister-in-law. I would recommend to make sure it is done with clergy oversight. Not a secular removal. That could make things worse.

If it has progressed to the point of being heard then it's progressed enough to be a problem and it's not advisable to try and ignore this one. Everything will be ok though. Encourage her to keep her Bible with her, maybe get a cross or something. Til it is removed. This should keep it away.

God bless and let me know if you have any questions or want me to clarify anything, etc. Be glad to. Also keep me updated. Below is the N.E.S.P.R. contact page. They may be the best in New England.


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