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Hello Ama,
I've been off work for 6 months with a minor knee injury from my job as a palliative care nurse. Since I've been home, I've been seeing spirits at least twice a week. Awakened in the middle of the night, male and female figures old and young. I even had one spirit who appeared very old lean down and say "Peter". None of the spirits are any of the patients that I have ever care for. Some of them frighten me and some I can feel very calm with. I believe that my passion and conviction to my work has somehow opened up a gate for them to come to me. I am blessed with a very rewarding and spiritual line of work and would really like to know why they are coming to me and how I can help them.
It hasn't been until recently that I've come to realize that my life's destiny has truly been planned by God. When I was 13 a dying friend of my parents asked to see me. I went to his hospital bedside and he told me that "Jesus came to him,  to tell me, that I will be able to help many people in my life". At 13,  shrugged it off then. But through God's plan, not mine, I became a nurse even though I wanted to be something else #all the doors shut and new windows opened#.I've never been so fulfilled and happy in my job and know that is a sacred space that I am truly blessed to be in.  So where do you think these spirits fit into this whole picture. I would much appreciate your feedback. Thank you and God bless.

Hi Villers,

I am sorry you have been injured but I am sure you'll get back to work soon enough.  It is hard to be away from the work that gives us the most joy.

You are not the only person seeing more ghosts around, not spirits.  Spirits are people who have died and crossed into heaven.  They are usually family members who come to visit, to perhaps pass on an important message to you, but mostly they arrive for a moment, check to make sure you are ok, and then leave again.  They do not hang about for long periods, trying to get our attention, or frighten us.  They don't need our energy to be themselves, which ghosts actually do.

Ghosts are people who have died and 'not' gone into heaven.  They 'live' on living human energy, life force, which means the people they hang around can often end up tired, angry, frightened, depressed, jealous, suffering from mental illnesses and physical addictions.  It's not wise to have ghosts around us, but we can draw them to us with our attitudes, if we live in a state of mind that includes any of the above.  They are also attracted to people who can 'cross them into heaven', because, regardless of what they often say, they really don't want to stay in the state they are in, neither in heaven nor on earth .. basically you could call it a bit like hell .. a place where there is no love, and no hope of love.

I get woken at night too, usually in the middle of sharing a 'dream/memory' of whatever ghost is standing in my energy field trying to either take energy or get my attention.  The minute I realise what is happening I cross them over.  I do it with kindness, its not a kindness to let them hang around.  The simplest way to do this is -

"Archangel Michael, please FIND the ghost who is (identify it by gender, name, activity, the way it looks, or some other way) standing next to me and TAKE him/her into healing".  

Peter, the old think man could have been '.. the thin ghost called Peter who just spoke to me'.  You could also do that now, because the Michael (our guardian angels come from the Michael group) will be keeping a track of all the ghosts that visited you, and they'll know where to find them, so ask them to.  

The two important words in the request are FIND and TAKE.  Find gives the angels permission to go up to the ghost, who might be pretending to be invisible to the angels (including his/her own) and say "Villers said I can see you now", and Take allows the angel to put their hand gently on the ghost's shoulder and then escort them into healing.  Healing is a place we all go to after we die, to let go of the pain and fear that bound us as ghosts.  It is where we return to being our true spiritual selves, not just this little bit of personality that we each assume before we come into the world.

I love the message you got at 13.  Jesus came to me when I was 17 and told me I would have a very interesting and unusual life, and he's been right so far. LOL

I am always in two minds about the issue of our lives being planned by God.  What God gave us is free will, the right to choose our own destiny.  If He then stepped in and laid out a plan you had to follow, it would no longer by your free will, but His, that governed you.  He would have taken your free will away.  Instead God gives us opportunities to follow a path that we laid down for ourselves, with the help of our angels and guides, and we know we are on that path when life feels 'right', even in the middle of a struggle.  You have obviously found that 'right' path because you feel truly blessed, so thank God for the opportunities, but accept the responsibility of reaching where you have through your own choices.  You've had plenty of other opportunities to say no.

Where do the ghosts you are seeing fit in your picture - you are already helping other people, and they are still people, as far as they are concerned.  Ask your guardian to open a gate to take them home, using the request I have given you, each time they appear.  Help us help the lost to find peace again .. and get on with doing good in the rest of your day, following your heart and helping others find theirs through your assistance.  Then, like me, you'll be helping both the living and the dead ..

Love & Peace

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