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Hello.  I am a 29 year old wife and mother of four.  I have been experiencing psychic and paranormal phenomena since I was five or six years old.  I could see shadow people, touch an object and know where it came from and what type of people had come into contact with it.  I could sense the emotions of others who were close in proximity to me, see auras and "feel" when my life or the lives of those I touched were about to "change" in some way.  About two and half years ago all of these abilities-for lack of a better word, disappeared. Then after about 6 months of no experiences at all the ability to sense emotion came back but in a very strange way.  When I am in an extremely crowded place the emotions hit me so intensely I feel physically ill and if someone accidentally bumps into me its ten times more intense.  The feelings won't go away unless I leave the area and then last (kind of like an echo) for about an hour afterward.  This makes going to places like Wal-mart or other crowded areas impossible for me as I have actually had emotional breakdowns in public after becoming so overwhelmed by it.  For a while it felt like I could feel the emotions of my whole neighborhood washing in on me while sitting alone in my living room and couldn't go outside for it getting worse.  That lasted for about two months then went away. My question for you is why and where did all of my other abilities go and why is the emotional empathy manifesting in such an intense and unpredictable fashion?  Also, what can I do to regain control of the empathy and bring back the abilities that seemingly disappeared.

If you could answer my question I would be so grateful.  I am feeling like I'm at the end of my rope with this and your help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

While I can't give you the exact reason without actually scanning you, I can give you an educated guess.

My guess is that you were attacked by something or someone, which damaged and blocked your energy systems to the point where you weren't able to use your abilities until you began to recover. Now, you're oversensitized, and your strongest ability is returning first. Your damaged empathic center is the reason for the unpredictability and intensity you're experiencing.

I'm going to guess you also experience an aching sensation in your chest or solar plexus.

I recommend all people with ability learn basic energy control and shielding, because people with ability are vulnerable and obvious to entities, and other persons with ability.  It's not necessarily a friendly world out there.

You may want to seek out help from someone who's skilled in psychic healing work, specifically energy body healing. There may be folks around the Psion Guild who can help ( or they may, at least, know how to get you in touch with someone who can. (I'm not a healer myself, sorry to say).

You will also be able to find information on basic energy working and shielding in the articles section on the site. Don't be surprised if energy working seems uncomfortable - if you have systemic damage, that would be expected.

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