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Hey, I feel like I should probably tell you my recent dream as an example first. I'm in a large tent talking to two girls that I apparently was good friends with, until one asks "Have you been marked?" I am confused, "You haven't been marked?" she asks again, i shake my head and notice that the two girls have black tattoos growing up on their necks. Looking around the tent I notice everyone else does too. I am scared and back off and walk to the other side of the tent, everyone is beckoning me to go to them, but I refuse and catch eyes with a tall woman who's eyes are glowing pink, I feel she is important and planning something, I want to wake up but can't, I'm scared, suddenly the woman looks startled and I notice everyone backs off and someone behind me nears me, yet i feel its ok, i know what he looks like because he looks the same in all of these kind of dreams. Blonde, longish hair and abnormally blue eyes, he looks handsome to me and i feel protected instantly. "Kiss me." He whispers and suddenly he is in front of me and i know he came to help. We kiss and I am finally awake, yet I still feel at ease.
This isn't the only time he has appeared to help me, I don't know who he is, yet he looks at me with sad eyes, and love. Many times i have asked who he is, why is he here for me? In my head i can hear clearly in his sad voice, "Soul mate."
Please help me  understand who and what he is, and why he is here with me.
Thankyou for your time, you are very kind.

Hello Beth,

I wonder who gave you this dream.  Not knowing your age, or what you watch on television, I can only speculate that some part of you likes, or dreams, of having a hero rescue you in a time of trouble.  

From the symbolism in the dream I am wondering if you are the sort of person who will 'follow a crowd' rather than standing on your own two feet, when it comes to modern fads.  Tattooing, which can be a way of 'marking' a person as part of a group, or even a gang, can show to others that you are willing to conform to their rules.  They might even want to force you, in subtle or non-subtle ways, to do what they want you to do.  To stand up and say no to such pressure can be a challenge, unless someone comes along and 'rescues' you, as you were in this dream.

Do you know what the concept of a soul mate is?  Some people mistake them for the person they could truly love, forever, in this lifetime.  A soul mate actually is any person that comes from the same soul family (in heaven).  We are generally all born within that group of people, or find them during our lives, both male and female.  We have an instant connection to the person, strongly felt, even if we never see them again.

If one of your soul mates is a ghost, not a spirit, then he might be influencing your dreams with his sorrow.  After a dream like this I would be most likely to ask my guardian angel to 'find' your friend and 'take' him into healing.

"Archangel Michael please FIND the blond haired man who kissed me in my dream AND 'take' him into healing".  

We do this to make sure that he'll be just fine, and if he's still around afterwards, and appears in other dreams, then its more likely that he's not a lost soul.  The reason I suggest that you do this is 'because' he is sad.  A spirit being, a guide or teacher, is never sad.  They have no reason to be.  We get sad, the living.  After we cross into healing we can come back and visit our living friends any time we want to, without harming them or influencing their minds with our moods.

If the being is any other entity other than human, he should not be hanging around you.  To that end I suggest you do this Invocation ..  

That clears any unfriendly entities from around us.  Again, if your friend is one of your spirit guides he'll still be around.  And its far easier to be safe than sorry, when it comes to being in spirit that we cannot identify.

You might be unsure about doing these things, but it will benefit both of you, and if you are soul mates, you won't lose each other in the process.  You'll meet again once you cross into heaven when this life is done, or he might come back into the world earlier as a relative or child of yours.  That's far nicer than having him trapped between the planes, neither in one or the other, its a very lonely place.

Love & Peace

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